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In Topic: Sony RX100 housing: Nauticam vs Ikelite, pair with Inon UFL-165AD

29 January 2013 - 10:37 PM

Since i have benefited from this thread, I figure I provide some information that wasn't covered and might be useful for others.

I just gotten my Nauticam Housing yesterday for Rx100. I have a vinyl sticker on the RX100 which is about 1-1.5mm thick, similar to those that Leica have. When i tried to fit into the Nauticam, I actually need to 'squeeze' it into the housing. This is due to the clearance inside the housing is actually quite precise. However, despite being able to squeeze it, the control ring function (the one around the lens) doesn't seems to work well, i think it is again due to the same vinyl sticker doesn't allow the camera to seat in precisely inside the space. But the rest of the buttons are operating properly.

I have not removed the vinyl sticker yet and is thinking to a solution (eg of adding a piece of Bluetack to enhance the grip). Anyone else has a similar problem?