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#388267 Rebreathers and Galapagos Sep 2017

Posted by Hubby63 on 10 October 2017 - 04:38 AM

I'm normally a wreck guy but recently got a chance to spend 3.5 wks diving the Galapagos on a breather.  What made the experience so unique was the ability to interact with all the critters "silently".  Pete Mesley & Lust4Rust.Co has branched out to add "Aquatic Adventures" to the brand name with an inaugural trip to Galapagos guided by Jorge Mahauad of Galapagos Rebreathers.  The diving was simply amazing with up close and personal interactions (so... many different critters that even now I am still in awe!)......it was that good!  If you are a breather guy/gal (and even if you aren't) and want some great photo ops, or simply just take it all in, this is the place!  Btw there are many very nice posts on Galapagos here....go read them!.

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#376451 Great Lakes, not so exotic but worth it just the same!

Posted by Hubby63 on 26 August 2016 - 06:44 PM

Although this thread started in January, I thought I would add a few pics of this years trip with Lust4Rust.co to a wreck called the Gunilda, on the North Shore of Lake Superior. She was a mega yacht that sank in 1911 after running aground on a shoal and is possibly the most beautiful wreck in the great lakes!


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#369115 Great Lakes, not so exotic but worth it just the same!

Posted by Hubby63 on 09 January 2016 - 02:59 PM

That certainly is a problem with tek diving, gear gear and more gear, but I do have to say CCR is especially nice in cold water since the breathing air is warmed by the chemical reaction of the scrubber.  Drysuit heating technology has also made this much more comfortable as well.   I am ashamed to admit that the great lakes are in my own backyard and I am just now discovering these gems.   If you are interested,  there is another trip this year, check out Lust4Rust.co for more info.  




#369106 Great Lakes, not so exotic but worth it just the same!

Posted by Hubby63 on 09 January 2016 - 11:52 AM

I love this part of the wet pixel forum! It's a great spot to see some terrific pics and gather ideas of unique and exotic dive destinations (usually warmer ones)!  But in stepping outside the box, I thought I would post a few pics from our trip last summer to Presque Isle, Michigan.  The PI (as the locals call it) is a wreck divers paradise with stellar viz, pristine wooden 1800's sailing ships, and early 1900's steamers, submerged in the chilly and sometimes even brutally cold Lake Huron waters (mostly less than 200ft/60m).  But if you are dressed right, i.e. drysuit, dry gloves, heated vest etc; you are in for a real treat not found in other parts of the world and well worth the visit!  We did it with Lust4Rust.co diving excursions (noted for CCR/OC wreck diving in such exotic locales as Truk, Bikini, Sri Lanka etc.).  We called it “Lust for Wood” so to speak. 


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