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Green water filter color

20 January 2013 - 08:55 PM


I plan using Lee filter color filter to corect the WB of my gopro for green water just like the here:

Does someone have this filter and can compare the color with the Lee filter swatch book or website ??

Look like the same color as Magical magenta to me http://www.leefilter...l#795&filter=cf

What do you think ?

Gopro lighting + Filter

14 January 2013 - 08:41 PM


Im new to this forum and UW video too, so be respectfull :)

Im mainly diving in Quebec/Canada lake, very greenish water.
And i heard good thing about Magenta filter, that they help the Gopro 2 to find his WB.

But i want to have a lighting setup too, and removing gel filter will be imposible (inside the casing)

So this is my question:
Can you use the Gopro in green murky water with a magenta gel filter AND light (the light will probably be very pink/magenta)

And what if, i keep the filter ON and use GREEN filter on my light ?
Will everything be well White ballanced ?
Ive never heard of this kind of setup, but this look quite logical.

Sorry for my bas english, im french.