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Time to upgrade to new strobes - advice/suggestions ?

27 October 2008 - 10:23 AM

Currently shooting a Nikon D100 in a Nexus housing with two (2) Sea and Sea YS-90 DX strobes which are both wired with cables. I have three lenses that I use with the associated ports: 18-35mm, 60mm, 105mm. I use a Nocturnal SLX focus light for low light/night dives.

I am comfortable shooting in manual mode and use the manual zoom gear on the 60mm lense (need to order one for the 105 for my next trip). As one might expect, my photos get better each trip, but do not compare to others who use better strobes who seem to get better coverage and more light further away from the camera.

I am looking to upgrade to more powerfull strobes and the Ikelite, DS125, DS160, DS200, and INON Z-240 are all in my target price range.

Any recomendations on what would be the best strobes to purchase?

Eventually I will be upgrading to a new camera/housing, so want to be sure what I buy now will work in the future as well.

Thanks in advance!