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In Topic: Any experience with the Panasonic HDC-Z1000?

07 February 2013 - 09:41 PM

Hi David!

Thanks for your offer, but I would really love to have something with manual WB (As far I rememeber it's only accessable through the touchscreen on the TD10?).

I found the Hurricane rig at youtube. Looks very cool..... and very huge! :-)

You are more than welcome to mail me at: kim(a)photoub.dk ... I'm about to leave for the dayly work!

Best regards again from Kim!

Hi Kimmeineche

Welcome back. 3D forum is a bit quite lately.

Panasonic HDC-Z10000 seems to have faded away since launch. I was looking for one but none were sold here is Singapore.
I have tried the Sony TD 10. Works great. I am looking for new home for this fella. If you could make a housing for it then its going cheap. I could even help you get the controls.
Looking at making a housing for the XF105. On land I use a Hurricane rig. I would be very interested in making a UW mirror rig like you did with two Nexus housings. Can I send you private email maybe on this project- that is if you are interested Posted Image


In Topic: RIP Lonesome George

25 June 2012 - 02:14 AM

Sorry to read that another specie has left the planet! :-(

If my mind remembers right, I saw a dokumentary years ago, that told us about a tortoise that could be about 250years old? It should even had been allive at the time of Napoleon..... unfortuanetly I don't remember the name of the film but I'm quite sure it was a BBC production!

May you RIP dear George!

Kim Meineche!

Hi Crew,

Thought I'd share this

"Lonesome George, the last remaining tortoise of his kind and a conservation icon, died on Sunday of unknown causes, the Galapagos National Park said. He was thought to be about 100 years old."

Full article

Posted Image

In Topic: Subspace Red One/Epic 3D housing

25 April 2012 - 06:39 AM

Hi David!

I'm just glad to be able to help you! I think the cyclopital3d makes some very interesting stuff and Tanja and Ken are both very kind persons!
I have both their Fuji W3 wide angle auxallery-adapter and the macro adpter......Without these adapters I wouldn't even think about taking my Fuji W3 underwater.
Like you I am very sure that the Sony TD1 adapters will work underwater as well.... in other words: If it doesn't I don't know any lenses that makes sence to take it underwater. My only concerns will be the small stereobasis of only 31mm.....should be working very good for CFWA but how about the 3D-effect on subjects like wrecks where you want to have as much as possible of the wreck in the frame? I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best and really wish you good luck... and will wait in excitement for pictures/clips of your results!

BTW: I expect that you have already seen the pictures of my housing that I posted in another thread some time ago... in case you havn't there is a couple of links here:

Cheers again from KIM! :-)

Wow that Cyclopital adapter is exactly what I needed. Thanks a million for the link Kim. This saves me lathe milling out two separate wide angle converters. Hand milling is difficult. Now I could check out the Sealux housing. I have both TD 10 and NEx3D 1e. Selling the TD10 (this is 720p only) and it is full auto 3d. The Nex 3D1e is 1080p (25) on each eye and adjustable 3D. I never tested JVC but the footage from the TD10 and 3D1e is very good within 1.5m to 10m. Good enough for television. The Sealux housing has mechanical control to adjust 3D depth. In theory if the Cyclopital works on land it should work UW. I am really excited now that the conversion works.

Thanks again. I will show some results once I get some time to do it.



In Topic: Subspace Red One/Epic 3D housing

24 April 2012 - 11:51 AM

Hi Drew!

Funny but 90 is probably the most popular FOV for cinematographers underwater. Any more and distortion shows too much and a fisheye lens limits how the camera is panned.

Actually I have never been thinking about that, but yes... you are probably right!
I might still be to addicted to my experiences with still-photography and mostly think about the conditions I am up to in the nordic waters with poor light and often bad visibility that makes me willing to accept some distortion to move closer to my subjects for better colors and light?! :-)

Even Cameron/Pace people aren't immune to critique for their 3D stuff so don't feel too shy. Only mothers see perfection! :)

Right again.... but video is just so new to me that I don't want people to expect too much from my posted clips... furthermore, the Fuji W3 is probably in the lowest range for video-cameras at all... but at least I feel that I learn a lot from what I get from this... in the meantime I am thinking/dreaming about what 3D-camcorders becomes available in the future for a reasonable price..... even some thourghts on a dual Nikon D800 rig has come to my mind, to be able to do both stills and video with the same equipment... but then again..... lots of post-work, problems with convergence specially on the videoside........ problems, problems, thourghts, thourghts............. and probably plenty of time to save the money before another project persuade me to open my wallet! :-)

Best regards again from Kim! :-)

In Topic: Subspace Red One/Epic 3D housing

24 April 2012 - 11:20 AM

Hi David!

Thank you very much for the kind words about my Fuji W3-project! :-)

I am really curious to see the results with the TD10 and even more to see your wide angle converter. Must be difficult work that needs very special tools? If I knew what cyclopital3d was up to made http://www.cyclopita...ccessories.html, before I started the Fuji W3-project, I probably would have buyed the TD10 or the NEX3D1E...... even problems on how to reaching controls that might only is available through the touchscreen and/or remotecontrol has to be solved as well.... it could really be interesting to see some detailed pictures and a first hand review on the sealuxhousing to see how they solved the problems!

It looks like Cyclopital has made an even wider lens for the JVC GS-TD1 & GY-HMZ1U ProHD...... but compared to what I know about video so far, I can't tell if the quality of the output is best from the Sony's or the JVC's.... all four cameras are probably very far from the quality of a 4K camera which looks to become available for a still lower price ... IF there will ever be a 3D 4K camera with dual lenses? Well, a dual rig is of course a lot more flexible, but also much more timeconsuming in post-work, not to menssion the size and the problems you will have on the plane, on the boat and in the water with a dual camera rig! :-)

I really looking forward to know more as your moving forward with your project, David!

Good luck and cheers again from Kim! :-)

Hi Kim

Great to hear you are making strides with the Fuji W3 and I enjoyed the 3D videos. I have been machining down a 100deg. megapixel lens wide angle converter on my Sony TD10. Getting close to completing. Getting two to fit exactly is difficult. Even with slight vignette the wide conversion seems to work. The next stage is of course get rid of the cut-offs. Then its time for UW in a TD10 Sealux housing. At the moment I am a bit distracted with all the 4K stuff. I will post some if it is successful. In any case I will show even failures in my blog.

Happy DIY and keep up the good work.