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For Sale: Subal Housing for Canon 5D Mark III Plus Three Ports

16 July 2013 - 10:27 PM

Subal Underwater Housing for Canon 5D Mark III with Three Ports and Extension for $6,500 

with Option to Buy Canon 5D Mark III for an additional $2,400

I am selling an almost new housing for the Canon 5D Mark III. I bought the housing in May of 2013 (when it was released). With all ports, covers and gears, the cost of this housing is more than $7,700. I have had 5 dives with this housing and it has never flooded. I took it to Galapagos to shoot whale sharks. I have attached a pictures taken with the housing. The housing is amazing and has great features. I have used the Sea&Sea housing for the 5D Mark III and the Subal is superior to that housing. Feels more solid with better button location. The following items are being sold:

Part # Description 
1. 10CD53S4 Subal CD5MIII Housing 
2. 40100IS4 Port – FP-FC100IS/4 
3. 4002304 Domeport DP-230/4 
4. 430604 Extension EXR 60/4 
5. 430754 Extension EXR 75/4 
6. 4ZC871 Zoom Gear Canon 24-105 
7. 4ZC861 Zoom Gear Canon 16-35 
8. Covers& Portcovers 

If you purchase the housing, I am willing to sell my Canon 5D Mark III (body only) for only $2,400.

Email me at perry@roshan-zamir.com or call me at (310) 582-1993 and I will send you pictures or if you have any questions.

PerryAttached File  Subal1.jpg   102.1KB   137 downloadsAttached File  Subal1.jpg   102.1KB   137 downloadsAttached File  Subal1.jpg   102.1KB   137 downloadsAttached File  Subal1.jpg   102.1KB   137 downloadsAttached File  Subal1.jpg   102.1KB   137 downloadsAttached File  Subal1.jpg   102.1KB   137 downloads