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Diving Adventure Magazine ceasing publication

08 June 2009 - 08:03 AM

Just heard from Diving Adventure that they will be ceasing publication in paper format, but will be ramping up their "diver-level" newsletter during the coming months to replace it in terms of content and visual impact.

Sad news for another of the best and most entertaining of thye print publications.

Allan V

Aggressor or Peter Hughes - who's whom?

06 February 2009 - 10:47 AM

So, am I just slow on the uptake or what?

I have just read an e-mail from Peter Hughes suggesting we go dive with the owners - Wayne B. Brown and Peter Hughes. Sounds familiar me thinks, so on to the Aggressor website for confirmation, and sure enough there I'm told we can dive with the owners Wayne B. Brown and Wayne Hasson. Huh!

This made me even more curious specifically in that on the surface the Fiji seems to be getting a bit crowded what with Naia, two Aggressors and now P/H's Island Dancer II. So off again to the Peter Hughes website and I see a nice "new" boat looking conspicuously like a re-painted Fiji Aggressor I. Then on to Aggressor's website again to find only a single boat - Fiji Aggressor II - that having been repositioned from Tahiti last year.

Along with this there's still the question of repositioning, or sale, of Aggressor's North Sulawesi boat?

Anybody got the real skinny?

China Air baggage restriction question

02 July 2008 - 02:45 PM

I'm headed to Bali next week traveling on China Air via L.A. & Taipei and have just noted the stated carry-ons restricted to two items; one normal U S dimensions and one two inches thick. The first "large" carry-on is stated to be maximum of sixteen pounds. China Air reservations is verbally standing by the 16 lb. limit. My nifty new Akona rolling camera bag alone weighs 12 lbs. empty; i.e. with gear more in the 40 lb. range.

Question is, has anyone actually experienced China Air and do they, in fact, enforce these restrictions? Or, are the stated weights simply poorly thoughtout clerical rule?