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In Topic: Canon A95 + Canon WP-DC50

19 February 2006 - 06:30 PM

Sorry guys, having problems attaching photos, any suggestions, ie how do I do it?????

In Topic: Canon A95 + Canon WP-DC50

19 February 2006 - 06:27 PM

Attached File  135_3543.JPG   28.5KB   129 downloadsGidday all.

I modified my housing (Canon WP-DC50, A95) very slightly to attach the fibre optic cable. The cable is a modified Epoque with a velcro connection on one end and an Inon mount on the strobe end supplied by Inon in Singapore.
I didn't want to completely block the diffuser assembly so I can still use the onboard flash if I decide to just take a few happy snaps without my strobe.

Basically I drilled a small hole in the top of the diffuser box, just big enough to take the optical cable, pulled the cable through the velcro fitting and bent it at 90 degrees, so the flash fires directly into it. Then just stick yhe correct velcro bit over the hole and you're away. The end of the cable looks abit rugged, as I had to remove and refit a small metal retainer several times to get the length right.

When using my strobe, I tape a piece of unexposed slide film over the camera flash, which does the exact same thing as Inon clear film, but costs nothing. The wavelength that penetrates fires the strobe every time. Before I modified it all, my strobe often wouldn't fire, as the camera flash couldn't travel the correct path to get "sucked up" by the cable. All works well and inexpensive to make.

In Topic: Canon: High-end A series or low end S series? (or Fuji f810)

12 March 2005 - 04:04 PM

Richard, just because someone is a novice, does not mean they are not safe. Most novices, because they are extremely aware of their beginner status are very safety consious as they have just had it reinforced to them during their training and are constantly checking their gauges, buddy position etc. Taking photos of their friends and fishes butts underwater is what makes new divers get even keener. Pay a visit to your local training centre and find out at what stage novices are invited to take cameras with them. This is what makes point and shoot and disposable cameras so great. We are not talking about novices setting up multiple strobes, fiddling with exposure etc. At the end of the day it's all about having fun and encouraging people. :D

In Topic: Canon: High-end A series or low end S series? (or Fuji f810)

11 March 2005 - 09:18 PM

Richard, obviously you are one of the prima donnas I am talking about, as you sound like what we in Australia call a wanker. Gage, get your camera wet. Buoyancy control is important, I am the first to admit, but your buoyancy control skills should be fresh. Richard, how dare you question my professional ability!

I can see why you don't want to dive with anyone I've taught, they might be a hell of a lot more competent and certainly not as up themselves as you obviously are.

In Topic: Canon: High-end A series or low end S series? (or Fuji f810)

11 March 2005 - 05:58 PM

Fair go richorn, I think you owe the man an apology. Telling him to leave the camera and learn to dive is way out of line and plain rude. I have been a PADI MSDT for several years and have seen a lot of novice divers who have far better skills and buoyancy control than many "experienced" divers who strut around like prima donnas with expensive camera gear up the wazoo. This is due to them thinking about what they are doing rather than being lulled into complacency by "experience". Your 2 cents worth deserves an attitude adjustment.

Gage, I hope you get your camera in the water as soon as possible and enjoy. :blink: