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In Topic: Took the GH5 to Anilao

16 May 2018 - 09:49 PM

very nice.
All the tiny stuff was only 60mm and the CMC?


In Topic: Anyone using Sea&Sea Buoyancy Handle (Plastic)

14 May 2018 - 12:34 PM

i use a pair of Inon Flaot arms ML after the handles, and then a pair of ULCS arms with 3 floating elements before the strobes.
That workes fine with my Hugyfot housing, and the long macro port or the FE port. Flips a bit with the second one, but thas ok.
Still a tiny bit negative, but thats fine if you stay 3 times an hour every day while your trip.
Strobes are either Z 240s in asia, or S&S 250s in mediterian sea. Then a bit more negative ;-))


In Topic: which of 3 strobes for cave diving, imaging for science

14 May 2018 - 12:19 PM

that a lot of cave divers is using Ikelites, is no wonder...
Most cavers in mexico are americans, and Ikelite is a lot cheaper there....

Inon strobes are fine, easy to change batteries, not waiting for loading or expensive batterie packs.
Had / have some D2000 & Z240, work fine ...
Have / had because i have tried to get now only type 4..
Will ignite even without a fibre wire cable!

Sea & Sea had great strobes, specially the YS 250 pro if you need a lot of light ;-))
The newer onces are a bit heavy to ignite, and have troubles with the flash tubes...

Please tell us your results and show us some pics!!!
Wish i could spend more time in caves-...


In Topic: Photographing cuttlefish eggs

14 May 2018 - 09:53 AM

Humans are really stupid animals....
We should enjoy what we get to see, and we have the luxury to fix these moments for others.

Beeing an instructor, it was allways a have to do for me, to show people a bit about the underwater world, and to tell them how lucky we are, simply to have a chance watching this real.

I have seen divers / photographers watching a scene, and while swimming away kicking the animal from ist original place....
Divers, taking a pic of a pygmy in a fan, and kicking the next fan with their fins, so if there was a pygmy, it would have thought this will be the end of the world...

For the "best shot" putting animals to places they would never go... And riscing the live of that poor thing...

It looks on land, like there is only me, than me and than, after a long break maybe something else...
Under water without witness, it can be even worse...

So ist our job to save of the underwaterworld as much as possible.
To tell people what stupid things they were doing, even when this means to get unfriendly answers.

Who else than a photographer archieves things there???
If you visit some places for years, you see the changes. And we can document it, and tell the people why...

Sorry for the Long message,
but i think ist time to give the "blue" part of the planet a bit back of what we take....


In Topic: ''Blocked from Classifieds"

14 May 2018 - 09:34 AM

have a look to the top of the classified Portal.
Adam has pinned a thread about the changings there.

Minimum Posts and other stuff.