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In Topic: Pair of Inon Z240 type 2 and other strobes...

Yesterday, 12:36 PM

Hi Trevor,
you got mail...


In Topic: Pair of Inon Z240 type 2 and other strobes...

15 November 2018 - 12:32 PM

Hi Jenny,
pn sent.

@ all

The strobes are still available.


In Topic: Subal vs. Ikelite housing

12 November 2018 - 11:16 AM

i had a lot of housings from different companies....
Started with an old ikelite Nikon F2 housing for my FE2 in film times...
My girl friend got a Canon G9 and Ikelite housing to start uw fotography from me.
What is in my eyes against Ikelite, is the long time usability.
You can buy it new, and it works great. But after some years, i haved seen and worked on it, the buttons are a problem.
 Housing is ok, but the brass buttons, they are only nickel plated, get a rought surface, and you wont get that water ressistant any more...
Only once poorly washed, a little cut in the surface and the sea salt will eat the brass...
Thats the only think i dont like on Ikelite housings. The price for using stainless steel parts for that, is minimal....

And here in europe, you get no parts.
I am not willing to ship my housing for a high price to the states, just to change the buttons.
And pay a high shipping price back...

And if you want to sell your gear some years later, Subal will get you a lot higher rate.


In Topic: 2 ys-01s or 1 ys-d2

06 November 2018 - 11:59 AM

optical the Inons are easy. Much better than the S&S strobes...
Other option is the Ikelite internal ittl...
So buying an Ikelite D125 or D160 is another option....
These strobes are fast and powerfull. If you think about video, maybe the D161 is an option...


In Topic: 2 ys-01s or 1 ys-d2

05 November 2018 - 12:38 PM

what camera / housing combination will you use?
Which way to trigger? Inernal strobe or led trigger?
If second, get a Inon D2000 or Z240 type 4. If not available tye 3 or 2.
The S&S strobes need a lot of input to ingnite ...
I had / have all except the YS-01, and had lots of trouble to bring the S&S to work with led trigger.
You will have to buy the best / most expensive fibre cables, the positioning of the leds will need a lot of fine tuneing....
I can remember how frustrating it was to be real deep for purple gorgonies in the mediterian sea, and then the strobes are not fireing, even then the did at surface.....

And i agree with Tim,
better one good, than 2 weak....