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In Topic: OLY 8mm f/1.8 Fisheye vs OLY 12-40mm f/2.8?

Yesterday, 12:45 PM

what ports can you get for the Meikon housing? Not sure you will get one of this lenses inside.....
And what is your goal? Sharks, wreck or reef scenes? 
Depending on this, you can choose.


In Topic: Sample macro/wide photos of Sony a series (a6000, a6300 or a6500)

17 January 2019 - 12:40 PM

Hi dreifish,

use the Tokina FE with my D500 now, earlier with D300.

Yesterday i had the chace to combinate the Canon version with the Sigma MC11,and that worked well and fast on a A6300.....
Will try now to find a port and then a Canon based macro lens.
The Canon 100mm IS was as slow as the Sony 90mm, and had the same troubles finding focus....

Will tell you, as soon i have better news...


In Topic: New or Old Camera?

17 January 2019 - 12:31 PM

Sony says as well that the view finder on the a6... models need more battery than the screen.
Maybe a problem of more intern software work?
Was wondering as well.

Loved the Oly OMD 5e view finder.


In Topic: Sample macro/wide photos of Sony a series (a6000, a6300 or a6500)

16 January 2019 - 03:28 PM

for macro:
the 16 - 50mm is a "cheap universal lens"
So that means small, light weighted, but a lot of compromisses....
You can not compare that with a special for macro build lens,
And the focal lenght is to short to use a diopter on both of them ( with good results ).
A wet diopter is more or less only shortening the focus distance.
That means you have to get very close, so the model will look bigger...

The 90mm is a good lens, but very slow. But will work good with diopters.

I use a Nikon Micro zoom lens, 70 - 180mm with an +10 Subsee.
That means i can shoot a pygmy from a distance, without getting so close that i would touch it, and it fills my pic.
Makes a great difference. For me, because a nice pic, and for the pigmy because the strange thing is not getting so close....

Supermacro needs a long lens, that you can focus very close with an diopter.
A longer lens has a longer minimum focus distance, and only if you have this, you can shorten it good with an diopter.

I had a Sony NEx5n with the 30mm lens.
Thats a sharp lens, but the focus distance is too short to use a diopter.
At that time Sony had not much lenses, so i sold the rig...

Now i check out other Sony combinations with third part lenses.
Will post what i found out.


In Topic: Meikon housing

16 January 2019 - 02:32 PM

the housing is made of Plastik, so it could easily change the form under the waterpressure... So the Lever button can be a bit out of the planed middle, and so not work.

The Buttons have "weak" springs, so the pressure can start to push them in a bit, so the half way Point is easily reached....

Had a Samsung Plastik housing years ago. Depth rate was 60m. It was waterproof until this, but when you switched the camera on in depth, or during descend, the waterpressure pushed all buttons in, and the camera got an overinput problem. The brain burned throught....
The Company then reduced the operating depth to 40 and later 30 meters....