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In Topic: DIY fiber optic writeup with parts

30 August 2017 - 10:17 PM

nice done.
Have the same problem with a Hugyfot housing and D500...
Sometimes the trigger is ok, sometime not. Testet Aquatica and Turtle.
So i had the same idea:
Triggering one YS 250 pro, from there the next,....
I have longer cables, but still too short.
So i have used a piece of plastik, with a hole that fits tight enought for the plugs, and put the kables in from both sides.
Works fine, if the trigger does...
Today i will try to pimp omne of the cables.
If it works, will be documented ;-))


In Topic: WTB - Sea & Sea YS 125 and 250 pro Batteries (New, Used, or Not Working...

07 August 2017 - 10:17 PM

Hi Scott,
get some battery packs for radio controlled model cars.
Have the same size, and you can get even stronger ones.
If you have old YS 250 batteries, you can add the temperature sensor that is on there.
Thats what i have done ;-))

In Topic: On American and European documentary storytelling and our poor sharks

03 August 2017 - 08:54 AM

Hi Davide,
have seen some specials of a shark week in 1994 when i was in florida.
Yes, very dramatic...
With the time i have been working / diving with 3 documentaries, and if you know what was done / filmed and then told as comments....
All of these 3 where "fake news"....
Everything dangerous, divers risking their live and so on...
Even here in europe.
Its just the dramatic factor for selling it.
Using footage that has nothing to do with the "real" expedition, simply because they had it and they did not wanted to do more because its expensive...
Or if the producer is a " movie star" as well in his work, so it happens that their goal was more important than the work of all others. And after months you see a documentary that has nothing to do with you were working for, no scientific results......
It looks like everything has to be done like a blockbuster. So just data is too boring. No risk factor, blood...

We have a dvd box from Custeau jun at home....
With a safety diver that is allways frightening for their lives, deadly sepias, full face mask comments....
There is a clip he tells about ocean warming and corall bleaching, and he shows a table corall, and i couldnt belive it, had to scroll back, no heat issues, there was a crown of thorne sitting......
But no word about it, it is a bleaching....

So what was my conclusio?
We dont have a tv in our flat any more.
But at the best time six salt water tanks, so we could change channel with moving to a different room....


In Topic: improved zoom ring for tokina 10-17mm (nikon mount) on Nauticam housing?

23 July 2017 - 09:26 AM

if the tooth will fit the Nauticam housing,
you can use an old Ikelite focus / zoom ring.
Just fit / upholster it with cycle rubber or foamstripes with adhesive.
Then outsidi if possible the ikelite screw or if there isnt enought space, a bycicle tire ring.

Have done this with my Nikon 70 - 180mm macro zoom, works fine.


In Topic: D500 or 5D iv, for AF, macro/wide, battery life and on land use

23 July 2017 - 09:13 AM

i have a Hugyfot housing for the D500.
And used a Nikon 85mm macro on the last trip.
Cheap and very leight weighted.
Alternative i have a 60mm AFS, and a 70 - 180mm macro zoom.
The Sigma 105mm OS macro was great, very sharp, but got stolen with my first D500.
With my D300 i often was using the af to get close to the focus point and then move back and forward.
The D500 just nail it.....