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In Topic: DX to FX and back again

Yesterday, 03:09 PM

Hi Tim,
to make it a bit harder for you ;-))
Have this year february been at the same place like the last year in Malapascua....
This time was a lot harder, was ill, lots of rain, and currents, bad vis....
Was really surpriesed what the D500 made in that conditions...
Send me an email adress where i can send you bigger pics.
Dont think i forgett you when it takes longer, just high season at the moment...

In Topic: Nikon D500 with Tokina 100mm Macro

Yesterday, 03:03 PM

Hi Craig,
have now only the Nikon 60mm AFS & 85mm Macro.
Or the 70 - 180mm Nikon Macro zoom.

In Topic: DX to FX and back again

24 May 2017 - 11:49 AM

Hi Tim,
have you thought about lending a D500 to compaire?
IDid this last year, had a "perfect" reason, my girl friends sister was going to marry, and i had to do the pics...
I had a D610 and a D7100 at that time, bought the D610 for that reason, and then lended a D500 and the Sigma 18 - 35mm 1,8 from a professional service for the weekend.
So i had a chance to compare the cameras, get an idea of which one would be fine for me.
Winner was the D500, simply because of focus speed and the combi with the sigma lens was great!
Sold the D610 shortly afterwards, was very slow in low light focus, needs bigger & heavier lenses...

If you really think about the pro and cons, you have to put your hands on both cameras, and then you will know ;-))
This is really worth the lending costs.


@ SwiftFF5
means a Hasselblad with digital back would win ;-)))

In Topic: DX to FX and back again

21 May 2017 - 12:24 PM

Hi Tim,
had my D300 in Lembeh, and still love the pics, or to be true dont belive them.....
Have enjoyed the m43 for macro, the Oly 60mm is a great lens,
but with the goal to shoot thresher sharks without aditional light,
found the end of possibilities with that System.
The sensor is to small, the multiplication for the lenses to big.....
So i invested in a D500 rig. Same place, but bad vis and no sun made it much harder to get nice pics....
A lot more weight is to carry, but the results were ok ;-))

No question that there was a lot of improofment between D300 and D800!
But i am happy with the D500 now.

For macros superb, for wide angle ok, fast DX ultra wide (weitwinkel) lenses would be a dream....
On the other side i can now screw up iso to 4000 and still get no eye cancer ;-))

The D500 with the Sigma 18 - 35mm f1,8 is a great combi!


In Topic: Bioluminescence use by crabs?

21 May 2017 - 12:12 PM

Hi Adam,
not sure how many animals are able to see this...
The wavelenghts we use are not for sure the same that animals use....

Have you ever noticed flashy red algae deeper than 6m? Should not be possible, but is there.
Some small fish have red signs that show their gender, but only if you can see the special wavelenght. 

Thats a thing i think often....
When you get uv pics of archeological finds, looking great, but did they have the chance to see it, or is it just the combination of materials that looks much better with our technology?