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Troubleshooting YS-D1 Sea and Sea strobe

01 May 2017 - 06:21 PM

Im trying to trouble shoot one of my YS D1 strobes that slowly quit firing last weeek.  I've already checked all the obvious stuff (batteries, fiber optic cable, flood, water, settings...)  The strobe power indicator lights still glows - so I know it is getting power... it is just quit firing (my second strobe works fine)


I was told that I could trouble shoot the strobe by manually firing it in the following manner.... I'm not clear on these directions, so please let me know if you know how to properly do this:


1) remove the sync cord cap

2) using a metal object (like butt end of tweezers) push in the center pin

3) at the same time, press two of the 5 pins (which ones???)


This is supposed to trigger the strobe.


Can anyone provide more insight into this process - and / or other ideas to trouble shoot the strobe?


FInally - if it is the "bulb" it will cost upwards of $200 USD to fix.  Is it work the price to fix or would I be better off buying a little INON strobe for $350 instead?


Thanks so much!