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In Topic: Sea & Sea DX200 - Nikonos Bulkhead to Optical conversion quest

18 October 2015 - 05:36 AM

This is the conversion in question

In Topic: Sea & Sea DX200 - Nikonos Bulkhead to Optical conversion quest

18 October 2015 - 05:26 AM

Hi Adam

They are located just off to the left side of the top centre of the housing. The hugyfot converters I found on some other posts, basically strip out the standard nikonos bulkhead (easy to do) and screw in the optical acrylic unit. Found on the web for 55 euros.

Triggering will be via a mini led flash unit if I can get it in the housing. Not holding much hope TBH as it fits like a glove.

Jim, I've been in tough with Kevin, will send the unit to him. I've opened it and inspected and rebuilt it all working fine. I found nothing wrong but it's pressure integrity is suspect so it has to go off.

See how I get on, that's the plan in my head anyway.


In Topic: Flash to dark, howto correct?

18 October 2015 - 05:14 AM


Double check your flash exposure compensation setting on your camera and check the mode of the flash, ensure its set to TTL in the camera and recheck by shooting a few shots at

100 iso f11 1/125 . Make sure your camera is set to manual mode. And set the focus mode to single shot selecting a single focus sensor This exposure is considerably dark enough to need a good amount of light to expose your subject form your strobes. Try using a Lens around 24mm to narrow the field of view enough for all TTL reference to ensure good functionality.

If you have a macro lens use that to ensure the the subject will only be exposed by light from your strobes.

Post the pictures so we can reference the exposures. Then feedback will be forth coming.


In Topic: tokina 10-17 - wide angle options for d7000?

16 October 2015 - 01:17 AM

I've been using the 10-17mm since it first came out. It's great for my needs I've used it with a sea and sea compact dome with a 20-30mm extension ring.

If you zoom it in to 17mm it effectively just cutting off the corners and using more of the central frame, less bending of straight lines.

It's not a reticilinar lens, it's a fisheye with a zoom / crop facility. I've not use for it above water what so ever.

I'm not a great lover of fisheye imaging anyway, I prefer the use of the 12-24 Tbh. None the less in in my kit bag.

Forgive me it's been sometime. I once was an E-6 shooter , when life was simple