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In Topic: Sea & Sea dome port question

05 June 2009 - 09:12 PM

hi Nat

i use the d200 with tokina 12-24mm and nikon 10.5mm

the 12-24mm goes behind a compact dome with the 40mm extension ring, the 10.5 works just with the compact dome.

the image quality of the tokina in this combination blows me away, the 10.5mm well, i dont shoot with it that much, but when i do, never had an issue with the quality. i just love the tokina too much, i also use the 10-17mm from tokina using the compact and 25mm extension, again, i'm more than happy.



In Topic: Opinions Needed. To keep or sell my old strobes in favor of new ones.

27 June 2008 - 01:38 PM

Thanks for the steer Alex but I have just realised it is because my body is too big!

I am taking Scubapro T-Sport, Mares Raptor fins and 5mm suit for example but of course they fit a freak! (Sorry, those of you in America - I'm really quite small at only 6'3" with size 12 feet.)

I am going to have my legs cut shorter. That will help. ...and with the seat pitch too!

Ha ha John

Sharon says take lipo suction and a few cosmetic lifts (the knife) as well :D

I dunno how you do it Alex, i skinned my gear down to nothing, yet each time i go it gets increasingly heavier.

maybe its the corrosion on my ally backplate, or the Jet fins.. :wacko:



In Topic: Help With D300 Photos

25 June 2008 - 07:26 AM

HI All

I'd like to add my comments to this thread if i may. :D

When i moved from shooting "transparency" to digital I remember feeling almost "what the hell have i done" pretty much like i guess anyone switching from Canon to Nikon or vice versa.

it can be a difficult transition, I started with Canon "film", then went to Nikon "film" and have stayed with Nikon since.

What i've learnt from the digital revolution is what most are saying in the latter areas of this post, That you cannot depend on just one form of post production software.

Each of them have their merits and pitfalls, I like to use NX or Capture (older version) when i want my images to arrive as I shot them and dont require too much correction, e.g a wedding shoot.

for underwater work i'll use a combination of various software packages dependant on what results i'm looking for. but my favored is PS for underwater work.

I dont own a D300 so cant pass any advice on settings for you. But i'm sure you have a very capable tool in which to capture your image, the rest is in the eye and mind of the user.

happy shooting and PP



In Topic: Which S&S Port for a Tokina 10-17mm?

22 June 2008 - 05:34 AM

HI All

Im a user of the compact dome port with sx extension ring alongside the 10-17mm

it works just fine but i would agree with john that it not as good as it could be edge to edge. but for me at this time, i'm quite happy with it.

when it gets a look in that is, i love my tokina 12-24mm (with the 40mm entension), i have had work published from the 10-17mm behind the compact dome.