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#385245 Viewfinder Optic Protection

Posted by craig nelson on 22 June 2017 - 08:58 AM

Hi All

I thought I'd just share this little tip with you.

having just got myself a lovely VF45 finder I want to provide the best care I can for the optics pre and post dive. I'm always very concerned about loose items damaging sensitive and expensive things so I set about looking for a solution to protect the optic.

The caps supplied I suspect are easily lost. I managed to find a cover for telescopic sites from Butler Creek.

They do a range of sizes and I found a perfect fit for my S&S VF45

See attached pictures. They are made for outdoor use, but for £10 I'm happy to replace when it wears out.

This might have been covered before in other posts, but thought it was worth a share.


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