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Viewfinder Optic Protection

Today, 08:58 AM

Hi All

I thought I'd just share this little tip with you.

having just got myself a lovely VF45 finder I want to provide the best care I can for the optics pre and post dive. I'm always very concerned about loose items damaging sensitive and expensive things so I set about looking for a solution to protect the optic.

The caps supplied I suspect are easily lost. I managed to find a cover for telescopic sites from Butler Creek.

They do a range of sizes and I found a perfect fit for my S&S VF45

See attached pictures. They are made for outdoor use, but for £10 I'm happy to replace when it wears out.

This might have been covered before in other posts, but thought it was worth a share.


Diving Bali & Lembongan - seeking reputable dive operators

20 June 2017 - 01:23 PM

Hi everyone.

Looking for reputable dive operations in Bali and Lembongan that will tolerate a photographer who will not tolerate hand held reef excursions lol!

Operators and site guides for a good bit of macro and a day of wide angle would also be very welcome.

Thanks in advanced

Tokina 11-16 II zoom ring help required

02 March 2017 - 07:02 AM


Could anyone assist with the getting me the internal diameter of their zoom ring for this lens, alternatively give me the external diameter of the actual zoom ring on the lens.

I'm looking to grab a new tokina 11-20mm and I need to establish if the the 11-16 rings will drive the 11-20. I have an email from tokina stating the external zoom ring diameter on the 11-20mm lens is 74.3mm. I can make my own for the 11-20 but it's easier justly to grab an off the shelf if it will work.

If anyone could assist, be much obliged.