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Sea & Sea optical to Inon z240 - good cable recommendation

27 March 2016 - 10:21 AM

Just as the above states

Looking to source a good set of cables for MDX D7100 housing to Z240 strobes.

Normally it would be a proper nik cable for me but have to move with the times so looking for a good recommendation

I was thinking of using the new INON L fittings as they look quite flexible. But attaching them securely to the front of the housing optical a is via what method ?


Sea & Sea DX200 - Nikonos Bulkhead to Optical conversion quest

15 October 2015 - 11:22 PM


Ive been using this setup with a S&S TTL converter since before most of you were born !! Lol. "Well it feels that way" as I've not upgraded

I've encountered a flooded TTL converter and need to get it serviced to ensure its integrity. However I'm thinking about converting a bulkhead to optical. Anyone know a service agent provider in the UK?

I see that hugyfot produce an acrylic conversion the replaces the inner workings of the standard nikonos bulkhead, looks like it screws is and seals using the standard nikonos internal oring and and oring placement directly onto the bulkhead itself.

Has anyone had any success with one of these units ?

Also I would need to trigger it using some kind of micro LED flash unit or if it will work pop up the flash internally however most Nikon units require the pop up to be in a certain position before the camera recognises that you require flash output. I have read a couple of posts in which DIY trigger units have been produced and have emailed a few users in relation to that.

I use Z240 strobes any assistance is most welcome

Thanks Craig