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Sea & Sea MDX-D600 - problems

13 February 2014 - 10:16 AM

Has anyone had a problem with their Sea & Sea MDX-D600 housing - or a similar modern Sea & Sea housing?


I've found that the rear housing main command dial fails to connect properly with the camera. In the design there is a rubber wheel that connects with the back of the camera and this is driven by a second rubber wheel controlled from the large knob on the back of the housing.


There are two problems: Firstly, the camera is a little short of the rubber wheel. (it sometimes works better at depth).  Secondly, if I try and put a shim or two in place to move the camera back on its tray a bit, the two rubber wheels just slip against each other. I'm fairly practical and am used to housing faults but finding a simple fix for this one has got me beat. It worked OK from new but after 6 months was a real pain and became unusable.


I now conclude that this Sea & Sea design is pretty darned poor - a shame as I like the housing in most other respects! 


Any feedback welcome.



Viewfinders - Inon 45 versus Sea & Sea 45

07 March 2013 - 10:21 AM

Can anyone tell me if there is any significant difference between these two viewfinders. I currently use the Inon but have never seen the Sea & Sea version. At first glance they look the same unit, but from product photos they are clearly made  differently. 


Importantly, does one have a bigger and better view than the other?