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In Topic: Anyone using the 20mm 2.8D

Yesterday, 02:07 PM

I used my 20/2.8D in the Maldives a good bit, and am pretty happy with the results. I shot it behind a couple different Zen domes (170 and 200). I also shot the 16-35 (with the 200) and Sigma 15mm FE (behind the 170 and 200) -- a buddy of mine had his D810 rig and stuff so we traded lenses and ports over the northern atolls tour we were on.


These were both with my D810 and 20/2.8D - Nauticam Housing & two Z-240 strobes





In Topic: Back to full frame -- A7RII vs. D810

25 November 2015 - 09:07 AM

1:1 setup is pretty easy...here's the path for the D810. Once set, just press the center button of the multi selector when reviewing an image. It goes right to the focus point. 


     Menu -> Custom Settings Menu -> f Controls -> f2 Multi Selector center button -> Playback Mode -> Zoom on/off -> Low, 1:1, or high 


Yeah, Live View i would only use for macro and a non-moving subject, good point! I forgot about that, sorry. I have the 45-degree external viewfinder so I only use Live when doing video (which isn't often).


I am not sure I prefer the Sigma to be honest. I think I got better sun rays with the Tokina. Probably I fell into the "must have a FX lens" when I bought my D800 stuff, but I don't recall exactly the reason I went that route now.




In Topic: Back to full frame -- A7RII vs. D810

25 November 2015 - 06:43 AM

I thought about going to the A7II or A7RII instead of my D810 (that I already had and use a good bit), when I sold my D800. Like you, I considered just updating my housing to work with the D810, but all in (assuming your D800 housing is in good condition), I don't think it saves you much money in the long run and not every button/function works with a converted housing. 


Ultimately cost was the determining factor as selling all my stuff from the D800 then buying the A7R II and lenses was (my best guess) about $5000 more than just getting a NA-D810 housing, since I already had all the ports/lenses/etc from using my D800. A Sony rig would be starting from scratch


I have a couple comments after taking my D810 to the Maldives a couple months ago, taking it on all 31 or 32 dives offered (I forget the exact number, and doesn't matter anyway). 


>> AF-S less accurate?  

Hard to say, as I haven't used the Sony personally. I used AF-C and the Group-Area AF a good bit with really good success! It tracks a lot better than the D800, especially when subjects are coming towards the camera.


>>No ability to shoot using LCD?

You can shoot in Live View with the LCD.


>>IQ with Tokina & TC

I used this combo (with 20mm extension and Zen 170mm dome) a couple times with the D800...IQ was quite good. I ended up getting the Sigma 15mm FE and I am very happy with it. I can, and have used a 1.4 TC with it as well.


>> Cant quickly zoom 1:1

Yes, you can. Just has to be set up in the menu. Very easy to do.


For me, the biggest negative of the D810 is the size/weight. It's a huge issue that I have to plan for on every trip, especially when flying to SE Asia with 7KG carry-on limits that some carriers enforce quite strictly. I have never been on a dive and thought "sure wish I had an inferior, smaller, camera" (not saying the A7II/RII is inferior..just making a point) though...the D810 is simply amazing. I wish someday to be 1/2 as good as my camera :)





In Topic: Looking for a Nauticam or Sea and Sea housing for my Nikon D810

24 November 2015 - 08:30 AM

I thought about doing that for my D810, and am glad I didn't actually. Not all buttons will work with the conversion (Nauticam), plus the conversion price makes a deal not such a great deal once you get done.

In Topic: dome recommendations d810 ikelite sigma 15 mm

16 November 2015 - 09:37 AM

It's difficult to get over-under shots with my 170mm dome (D810, sigma 15mm) as well, so yeah, I agree with TimG. Go big :)