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12 February 2013 - 08:31 PM

Hi everyone.
I currently am building my first SLR Setup.
I had to go with a bit of an unknown NIMAR housing due to compatibility with the canon 400D. So far i have been happy with the performance.

Unfortunately the next step, the strobes have left me in a bit of a pickle. Not being readily available, as most online shops have made the primo strobes discontinued as well as the slow cycle time.

So my question is whether its possible to pair the NIMAR housing up with a dual sync cable and two 5 pin IKELITE strobes? I have read information that this might be possible, but without TTL functionality.

I wanted to see if anyone had done this, or if anyone can confirm this information? "

And also what are thoughts on TTL. I have read that is can be very hit and miss and might be of more benefit to go manually.