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Poser Dragonet

30 July 2017 - 10:41 AM

Just back from diving around Komodo Island and managed to get a few fun images. This Drangonet was hoping around on the coral when I noticed her. Then I noticed this nice flat piece of coral that was in the shape of a small platter. I thought to myself that would make for a nice photo if the Dragonet hopped up on it. So I got in position as best I could and low and behold she jumped up for just a couple of seconds. I got this shot. A bit too much flash coming from the right. But over all I am pretty happy with the shot. Especially as she has her dorsal fin nicely displayed. I am still working with the photo post processing as this is just from the jpg.MoyersDrangonet.png

Diffuser for focus light

30 July 2017 - 09:30 AM

I have a Hartenberger focus light with an LED light head. It is too bright as a focus light.  The original light head which was halogen had a diffuser lens from the get go that work nicely. For this last trip I made a couple of diffusers from a white shampoo bottle. It worked okay but was still harsher than I wanted. It also turned my nice white to yellow which I did not like.


As such, I have a couple of options. I am sure I can send the head to Hartenberger and have them swap out the clear glass with a frosted lens. But I was thinking about making some glass diffusers and wanted to get some input on what type of glass to look for. I know about what I call laboratory grade optical diffusers but not sure I need that high of quality.