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#342615 What about the Sony NX5? Anybody.. please help!

Posted by carlescas on 30 January 2014 - 05:13 AM

Hi all,
I have read the PDF´s, I have watched the clips (Evert) and really I have arrived to the conclusion that here only there is a problem: a correct adjust of the picture profile.
I know that the images of NX5 without a corrected picture profile are very very very flat, and maybe the images of this camera are a little bit less sharp that another cameras, but if you have a good picture profile, the images change a lot, and I think this is all the problem (well, I have not seen the underwater real images, I only have seen the images from the youtube).
If the degraded of the colour blue is correct between sun and deep water (without banding) and you have a adjusted picture profile, I think the NX5 will be a very good camera for film underwater.
Next week I will receive the housing and will test the camera underwater and then I will can speak more about it and their problems.