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Underwater Video with the Olympus OM-D and Nauticam housing

11 July 2013 - 01:42 PM



I've had my Olympus OM-D and Nauticam Housing with S2000 strobes for a couple of months now and am really happy with the results taking pictures. I have not done any video yet. 


For my upcoming trip to Komodo, I am considering leaving my stobes back home and shooting video only with my 8mm fisheye lens. Apparently, the currents can get so strong there, that taking pictures becomes almost impossible at some sites and I don't want the strobe arms to get in the way. Besides, I also want to travel with as little gear as possible.


Has anyone got some experience with videos and the OM-D Nauticam with 8mm fisheye? Can a red filter be attached to the 8mm lens, or is underwater white balance (using a white slate) the best way to go? I have a single Sola 2000 spot/flood attached to the cold shoe which gives a nice compact system. The flood is not wide enough to light up the 8mm fisheye, unless I get really close to the subject, but I am hoping this combination will give me decent results.




Nauticam Olympus OM-D flooded

22 February 2013 - 03:01 PM



My new OMD Nauticam housing flooded on my fourth dive. I was using the housing with the dome port and 8mm fisheye lens.


Fortunately, because I surfaced immediately after the alarm went off and the camera is splash proof, it was fine. I replaced the housing o-ring and the dome port o-ring with the spares provided and made sure there was no dust anywhere. I took the housing for another dive without the camera, just the empty housing. At 20meters (60 feet), while I was pressing and playing with the various buttons, the leak alarm went off again. When I surfaced, the housing was not completely flooded but had quite a bit of water inside. 


My dealer confirmed that the housing has a leak, but after 1 month still has not been able to detect the exact source. He suspects that the leak may be from one of the o-ring buttons, not the main o-ring oder dome port o-ring.


Has anyone experienced any similar problems with their OMD housing? I am really disappointed that my brand new housing already has a leak issue.