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In Topic: WA options for micro four thirds cameras

25 October 2016 - 06:36 AM

There's also the Olympus 9-18mm in a micro 4/3rds mount. I have that lens currently as I didn't want to spring for the 7-14's and a dome port. The 9-18mm worked with my Olympus housing's flat port, although it isn't ideal for getting the widest image possible. Corners aren't the sharpest, but for the money it's a good option. It's only a small step down in image quality compared to the Panasonic 7-14mm, for instance. New they are $400-500 USD here in the states, not sure what it is for you in NZ. 


If you have the budget, by all means go for the Olympus 7-14mm PRO lens. That would be the absolute best lens in this focal length.

In Topic: My New Book: Underwater Photography Masterclass

24 July 2016 - 07:16 PM

I ordered mine from Amazon.co.uk. Other than some shipping damage, it's a great book. Thanks for putting it out. 

In Topic: WANTED: Olympus 9-18mm and Zen WA-100 dome port

11 July 2016 - 11:12 AM

I don't need a port adapter. It's an older E-PM1. Thanks though. 

In Topic: Olympus E-PL2, Housing and Accessories

08 July 2016 - 06:08 AM

Willing to separate? I would be interested in the 9-18mm lens depending on price. Thanks.