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FS: Canon S100, FIX housing, W/A and macro lenses

21 September 2014 - 07:03 AM

Hey all,


I am going to buy a housing for my Canon SL1 so up for sale is my Canon S100 setup.



-Canon S100 camera in like new condition (will include a spare that has the "lens error" issue that can be fixed under warranty)

-Fisheye FIX housing (very high quality craftsmanship, full access to all camera functions, very compact)

-UWL-028 wet lens (see link for details http://reefphoto.com...roducts_id=5746)

-Inon easy-close up macro wet lens

-ULCS tray and handles


Price $750obo + shipping from Canada


I won't be including the strobe, arms and Go-pro as I'll be using them with my new setup but I can throw in the fiber optic strobe cable for an extra $50 as I can't use it with my new setup.

Going from S100 to M43, signifigant upgrade?

07 April 2014 - 03:23 PM

Hey all,


Over the last year, I've gone from a massive ikelite DSLR rig (that i loved, but did not love packing) to a much more compact S100/fisheye setup.  I love how compact the new setup is, and being able to switch from macro to WA with relative ease.  But I am missing the sharpness of my DLSR!


I refuse to go back to a DSLR rig because of the size, but would a micro four thirds set-up such as an EPL2 or EPL3 be worth the upgrade?


My ex had an EPM1 and I didn't really find the images all that impressive.




I'd likely get a M43 setup, precision dome and panasonic 8mm fisheye. I am currently running one YSD1 strobe with the S100 and loving it, might need a second with the pana 8mm fisheye though.