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In Topic: FS (AU) - Nikon D80 Setup - Sea & Sea housing

17 March 2013 - 06:31 AM

I don't dive enough to justify keeping this setup around and seeing if there is any interest in it.

Package includes:

-Nikon D80
-1 spare battery and battery charger

-Sea&Sea DX80 Housing
-Sea&Sea 8" NX Fisheye Dome Port
-Sea&Sea 105mm port (works with 60mm macro lens too)
-Sea&Sea extension ring
-Sea&Sea TTL Convertor
-Sea&Sea TTL cables x 2
-Sea&Sea manual Y cable
-Some spare o-rings and lube

Reserve: $AUD1200

Also if interested I have the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye DX lens and Nikkor 60mm macro lens that I am looking to sell. Throw in a strobe and you've got a complete underwater setup to go!


Also I have a Hugyfot acrylic adapter which can be screwed into the Sea & Sea bulkhead with some modification and in my testing (I don't have a proper optical fibre) allowed optical triggering of strobes.


Items are used but in good condition. I'll get some pictures up if there is interest.


Located in Perth for pickup but also do travel to Melbourne occasional and can bring over if interested.


I'm really interesting in all this package (-Sea&Sea DX80 Housing, Sea&Sea 8" NX Fisheye Dome Port, Sea&Sea 105mm port, Sea&Sea extension ring, Sea&Sea TTL Convertor, Sea&Sea TTL cables x 2, Sea&Sea manual Y cable, Some spare o-rings and lube, Tokina 10-17mm fisheye DX lens and Nikkor 60mm macro lens). What is the last price for it? And could you sent it to Europe?

In the mid of April I'll have dive travel in Indonesia (Bali&Manado) and it's possible to send all this gear to this countries also.