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Plitvice Lakes

14 December 2013 - 10:15 AM

End of October I went for a view days to Croatia to visit the Plitvice Lakes. It was my third visit of this lovely place. This time I wanted to do some underwater photography and especially some half-half shots of the lakes. Since swimming or diving is not allowed in the lakes I had to do all my shooting from the boardwalks.


Plitvice Lakes von Wild_Places auf Flickr


The biggest challenge was not to get too top-heavy and fall into the lake while leaning forward for the underwater shots. But I think the effort has payed off since I got some nice split-images, which are not commonly found of this place:


Plitvice Lakes von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Plitvice Lakes von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Plitvice Lakes von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Plitvice Lakes von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Plitvice Lakes von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Plitvice Lakes von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Plitvice Lakes von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Plitvice Lakes von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Plitivce-10 von Wild_Places auf Flickr

Silfra, Iceland

07 September 2013 - 01:32 PM

Last month I went for a few days to the Silfra crack at the Þingvellir national park for snorkeling and underwater photography. The special feature of Silfra is it’s visibility range underwater of up to 130 m. The Silfra water is probably the clearest in the world. The water is coming from some big highland glaciers but runs for 30 to 100 years through the lava before entering Silfra. Therefore it is extremely filtered. The underwater experience in Silfra is absolutely incomparable to anything else in the world and should not be missed. 

The only problem with snorkeling or diving in Silfra is, that the water temperature is around 2°C, in summer and winter, which is not very warm. On the first day I joined an organized tour with DIVE.IS where some rental dry suits were provided. On the next days I was using my own 8mm neoprene wet suit, which worked better than expected. My body, head and feet always stayed warm, but I made a big mistake regarding the gloves. I thought for a good handling of the underwater housing thin gloves are helpful. But at 2°C water temperature you definitely need the thickest gloves available. After 30 minutes in the water with 2 mm gloves I could hardly move my fingers.


I have some experience in landscape photography but it was only my second attempt in underwater photography (after shooting a few days on the Maldives with a compact camera). Therefore it was also the first real test of my new underwater housing from Seacam which worked perfectly. Considerung my lack of experience I'm quite satisfied with the result. I used a D800E camera with either a Sigma 15mm FE or a Zeiss 21mm lens and no flash.


Here are some images from this trip:


Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Silfra von Wild_Places auf Flickr


If you are interested in some landscape images from this trip or some more background information you can find both on my website wild-places.com.


I would really appreciate a feedback regarding my images.



Makunudu, Maldives (Snorkeling Trip)

15 June 2013 - 01:21 PM

I spent one week snorkeling on the Maldives together with my family. It was my first attempt in underwater photography. Of course I had lots of problems with the camera and the result was not as good as I had hoped for.

Nevertheless I got a hand full of acceptable images out of this trip and it motivated me to learn more about underwater photography. You can find some more information about my experience on this trip on my travel blog: http://wild-places.c...er-photography/


Here are some images from this trip (all shot with DP2M). C&C welcome.




Wetpixel_Maldives_09__SDI3086 von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Wetpixel_Maldives_08__SDI2974 von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Wetpixel_Maldives_07__SDI2879 von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Wetpixel_Maldives_06__SDI3017 von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Wetpixel_Maldives_05__SDI3289 von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Wetpixel_Maldives_04__SDI3291 von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Wetpixel_Maldives_03__SDI2518 von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Wetpixel_Maldives_02__SDI2626 von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Wetpixel_Maldives_01__SDI2602 von Wild_Places auf Flickr


Seacam Domeport for Sigma 15mm FE with D800

15 June 2013 - 09:59 AM

I've ordered a Seacam housing for my D800 which will arrive in a few days.

Since I would like to do a lot of half-half shots I decided to get the Superdome together with the housing.


I'm affraid that for snorkeling trips where I don't have the chance for great half-half shots the SD is just a bit too cumbersome.


Therefore I plan to get a second smaller domeport especially for snorkeling trips. I would use this domeport mainly with my Sigma 15mm Fisheye lens and quite often without any flash.


With Seacam I have the following options:


1. Wideport WP


2. Fisheyeport FP


3. Fisheye Makro Port


Which port would you recommend and why?


I would like to have sharp corners (at least stopped down at f/11) and be able to shoot close up portraits of small fish.



Dome Port for 15mm and 21mm Zeiss Lenses

16 March 2013 - 07:34 AM

I’m looking for a housing and domeport for my Zeiss 2.8/15mm ZF.2 and 2.8/21 ZF.2 lenses. They will be used with a Nikon D800E.


Regarding my background: I have 25 years of experience in landscape and macro photography, but absolutely no experience in underwater photography and diving (just some experience in snorkeling). You can find some of my work on my website wild-places.com.


Therefore I need some help and recommendations regarding the right equipment for shooting in and under water.


My highest priority is optical quality of the dome port (meaning highest possible image quality especially corner sharpness).


The system will be used over- and underwater and for half-half shots, mainly with natural light. I will not go deeper than 2-3 m (either standing in the water, shooting from above the water or snorkeling, no diving).


Since the dome port is most important for IQ I will buy whatever housing will fit the best dome port (and of course my D800E). From the information I found on the internet the Nauticam and Seacam housings sounds interesting, but I’m open for any other suggestions.


The biggest problem with the Zeiss 15mm lens is the large diameter of 103mm. So far I’ve not found a single domeport suitable for this lens.


If it’s just not possible to get one, I would at least like to get the best one for the 21mm Zeiss lens.


Any ideas, comments, recommendations?