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In Topic: Gopro - recommended video light arm length?

04 May 2015 - 01:16 PM

Yeh the challenging conditions is the reason for the gopro really.

I was looking at the FIT 1200 as the two video lights but u have put me off now/saved me money one way or other. :). I was thinking of using X1 video light as a focus light on camera housing. Yeh have the 9-18mm with zen dome.

Just all this talk of strong currents I am thinking of shooting video with gopro mainly I think and just enjoying the diving.

Looking at decent tray/handle combo and set of flip 3.1 filters.

In Topic: Gopro - recommended video light arm length?

04 May 2015 - 09:29 AM

love the video.


When do you find it best to use dual video lights?


I guess using filter and a good post process is the way to go. just always thought lights were better than filter. 

In Topic: Gopro - recommended video light arm length?

04 May 2015 - 06:26 AM

thanks interceptor. I am thinking the backscatter flip 3.1 filter with the magenta for the green water and one of the red filters. i get where your coming from with regards to the sharks not coming close. was thinking more iguana's, sea lions, turtles, rays etc. As its a once in a lifetime trip just want to cover all areas. :)


From what i have read not all dives are super strong currents. mainly Darwin and Wolf. So wouldn't think shooting a tiny GoPro with couple of lights on tray would be to strenuous? 


Did you shoot GoPro when you were in Galapagos. have you used dual video light with a GoPro set up??

In Topic: Gopro - recommended video light arm length?

26 April 2015 - 01:20 PM

Yeh two set ups. I don't wanna go down road with trying to shoot still and video. I wanna concentrate on one. If not it will be a mess. :).

For the price of a tray and handle etc. like one from backscstter it is just easier for the go pro to hav its own tray etc.

Yeh same concept as strobes then.

Why would u not use the light during the day? Is there a reason? Surely it can only benefit the subject lighting it with the video light or not?

I like to post process so will most prob be using the adobe premiere to do so. I just like to get the best quality/colour when shooting.

Appreciate you helping us out.

In Topic: Gopro - recommended video light arm length?

26 April 2015 - 08:59 AM

Thanks for the reply. The fit2400 LED doesn't have the UV. The pro version does.

The archon W42VR is £450-500 and there is very limited/no reviews on the web. Which worries me a bit. I would like to use the video light as a focus light on with my Olympus rig and the archon is heavier. I see Archon so a 2600 lumen, Might be worth a look.

I am looking at purchasing 2 video lights. The only real reason I asked advice on FIT 2400 LED is because I can grab a second hand one at min for £200.

I already have lattice type arms and floats for my still rig but don't wanna have to keep swapping them out. Just wanna pick up the gopro rig and go.

Thanks for you info with regards to lighting various scenes. I was hoping to use the lights as you suggest and shoot playing sea lions/marine iguanas, red lipped bat fish etc in Galapagos. And use the flip 3.1 filters for the larger pelagics. I'm point the Hero 4 has the good low light improvement as I have read. :).

What positions for the video lights have you found work best?