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26 March 2013 - 12:29 AM

Am I glad to have found these forums. 


After being fascinated with the book Water Dance some years back, I have had nothing to do with fashion or underwater photography. Most of my stuff has been landscape/nature, fairly amateur although friends say I "have an eye". That's probably about right - my most practised skill would have to be composition but this year finds me with a new D800E and a burning desire to do people photography: portraits and fashion being my main interests... and then the idea of underwater fashion came along again.


Well here I am. First shoot with a model I'd never met was last weekend. I've been shooting musicians without flash over the past few weeks for a friend. Crash course on LightRoom last week. Bought a dicapac bag last Friday. Read articles like crazy all weekend. Photographers' workshop on outdoor portraits using natural light on Sunday. And now here I am after my first underwater shoot in an ocean pool at sunrise. 


Man were conditions nothing like the controlled setups I've read on here! :D Had to be high tide of course. Waves crashing over the edge of the pool tossing us around like seaweed. Speaking of, plenty of debris floating through the water. My 28-70mm wasn't a great fit for the bag, so kept rolling back to 50mm. And I had little tactile feedback trying to use the shutter button. Let alone trying to sink or use the live preview screen. Focus was simply hoping the camera would do its job.


So here we are and I'd like to share my first "decent" shot underwater. I hope you can all remember back to your first "Yesssss!" moment, because this is it for me today :)


Looking forward to many more to come, and the awesome learning curve I'm sure is in store!