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Aperture Priority

30 May 2013 - 01:10 PM

I recently picked up a used Panny LX3 housing 10bar and ikelite 110a strobe, after realizing it didn't support TTL out of the box, I picked up a Heinrichsweikamp TTL converter.


So with the strobe set to TTL, when I use aperture priority, the shutter speed seems to stay at 1/30, which would cause problems and be too slow to freeze action underwater.  Is this a limitation(or feature) of the camera ? 


Am I better off using shutter priority and setting it to 1/125 ?


I know I can use manual as well and pick both settings, but I don't understand why the camera sticks with such a slow shutter speed when it has the available light from the strobe to do something quicker.