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In Topic: Introductions (original thread, now closed)

23 March 2005 - 11:28 AM

hi, i john. currently unemployed and loving it. stuck in pa. (girlfriend thing) been diving since '82 when i was in the marines. just stated taking pictures(girlfriend thing again) during an ice diving trip.i mostly like to dive lomg and deep but will settle for diving anywhere. got season pass for dutch springs for those in the northeast, maybe we can meet some sat. night. :D

In Topic: Wearing a drysuit and shooting macro

23 March 2005 - 11:08 AM

i've been diving a bit, just started with the photo bit on the last ice dive. i only dive dry and have no problem with trim. this is what i have and do. once a year(last weekend) i spend the day with working on bouyance control with my girlfriend. i dive tec. ( steel doubles tanks, regs, ect) i also with gaiters and no weight. i dive with my feet slightly elevated. keeps from silting out, touching coral, ect. i find that neoprene suits are warmer and better fitting.
a course that i recommend for experance divers is a cave/ cavern course. altho this is "tec" it is way better that a bouyance course.