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    Hello. You search a new UW-Housing? Did you have to sell the FIX G10 Housing? I search some FIX G10 Hosusing for the G10? Thansk for answer
    Apr 11 2013 05:11 AM


Hello. Did you have sell the Housing for the G10? How much you want? Regards M.Jenni
Apr 08 2013 09:12 AM
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    I have not sold it yet. I am asking $475 USD plus shipping. Comes with rebuild kit but doesn't need it at this time.

    Thanks for looking,

    Paul Chase
    Apr 08 2013 11:21 AM
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    Hello Paul

    You have demanded $ 400 in February and then asked to make some offer. How bad are the scratches on the port?

    Do you also have wide-angle lenses? You once offered two lenses. Do you have this yet?

    Is it possible to `zoom` with the wide-angle lenses?

    Can you send me some pictures from the scrates on the port to mjenni80@yahoo.de?

    Sorry for my bad English. I come from Switzerland;-)
    Apr 09 2013 06:04 AM