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Blackmagic Cinema/Professional 4k Camera housings

14 April 2013 - 03:13 PM

This just popped up... I have a BMCC EF mount camera and its amazing what it can do. I've been dreaming of taking it underwater for some time now. This is the first housing I've seen. The only concern is that the camera has a built in battery thats almost useless. I dont see where this case has an external battery solution? Either built into the housing or room for one like a switronyx or other brands? I could have overlooked it but this is crucial. You will only get a MAX of maybe 1 hour with the camera before its dead. Thats not an hour of video but an hour of messing around with the camera on, framing shots, recording, swimming around etc.. Not ideal. Would be one thing if you could go swap the internal out for a spare and get back in but not an option. Regardless I think this is the start of a really cool thing! Plus it'll fit the current 2.5k model and the new 4K model since they are the same body!!   http://www.backscatt...u/ex-bmcc.lasso  


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