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Which Strobe

07 May 2013 - 12:35 PM

Hi all,


I'm trying to get back into underwater photography at the moment after drifting away to deeper wrecks for a little while.


I used to dive with a Canon A620 in the Canon housing with no strobes.  Got into rebreathers and trimix and that sort of vodoo so sold it to a member in my club.  Just managed to pick up an Ikelite Housing for my Canon 400D (on this forum) at a good price for my shallower diving up to about 60m (200feet(ish)).  I have a spare body as well so not the end of the world if it goes, etc.


I was thinking of getting a strobe to go with it but don't want to spend too much money until I see how I enjoy it and get on.  If I get hooked again (which is likely), I'll get a housing for my 5DMk11 and go deeper.


I was looking for an Ikelite DS50/51 secondhand but haven't managed to locate one.  However, i can pick up YS01/02 or Inon strobes easily second hand.


Now I understand that I can't use the TTL from an Ikelite housing to a S&S strobe but have to use it manually.  However, before I spend the money, I assume that the cable will still fire the strobe if the camera deems it necessary. I just have to set the power level myself.


So the question is should I go for the Inon Strobes or the Sea and Sea?  And am I understanding the cabling correctly.


Thanks in advance.