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In Topic: Sony RX100 or Gopro...

06 August 2015 - 11:16 PM

The RX100's do pretty well for video, and work great under water with wet lenses. Which version is best for video I'm not sure, but the most recent (IV) shoots 4K and gets very good reviews. If you're shooting with video lamps and at best moderate vis anyway, extreme high ISO performance becomes relatively moot. For stills, the resolution on the Rx100s and greater depth of field at a given aperture (and very competitive performance up to an ISO of 1600 at least) mean I would still prefer it over the LX100.

In Topic: Going from DX - 4/3s - FX - Compact, My Digital De-Evolution

27 May 2015 - 06:29 PM

I don't think RAW has a color space as such - you assign that when you export to JPG. The color space setting in camera only applies to the JPG profile.

I have never shot anything other than the RX100 with Inon wet lenses, although my 'topside' kit is a Sony A7r and Olympus E-M1. I sometimes dither about housing one of those, but figure I need a) more experience and b) lighting (only natural light so far, no strobes) before gear even comes close to being a limiting factor.

What I really like is the fact I can fit all my camera gear (underwater and non) for an average trip into a very compact bag. I used to own a Canon FF system, and much as I love the glass, I am never going back to DSLR sizes.