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How to find the names of the creatures you shoot?

28 July 2016 - 02:15 AM

Hi folks, as the title says?  I've been shooting for years now and have amassed quite a collection of images.  I've never really done anything with the photos before (ie. they sit collecting dust in my hard drives, haven't seen most of them since I shot them)  but now I'm trying to organize and tag them all.  


So far, the best I can do is "fish" "Anemone" "crab" "nudi" "other"... honestly, I've no idea what about 90% of the creatures I've shot are.  I've had a lot of fun shooting them, but life after the shot has never afforded me the luxury of going through most of the shots I've taken (of any kind) in the last 6 years. 


Life has taken a turn for me though, and I haven't had work in a long while.  Money is getting tight and its time to put my passions to work.  I've got enough imagery and skill as an artist to jump head first into full time photography and image sales (mostly because I don't have any other options atm, but that's beside the point ;) )  So I've been spending time working on my "workflow" which I've never bothered with before.  Part of that is tagging, so I can actually find images I'm looking for.


Asking people about specific creatures using examples isn't going to work for this project, there are just too many of them, so if anyone knows of a functional method of finding the names of creatures myself I would very much like to hear your advice :)


Thank you for looking!