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Upcoming Exhibit - Cortez Blue Photography

02 August 2015 - 09:21 AM

If you haven't liked our Cortez Blue Photography Facebook Page or maybe you're not a Facebook user yet, you missed our recent announcement of our upcoming exhibit at the Casa Grande Art Museum.

Yes, it's official! The Cortez Blue Photography exhibit opens at the Casa Grande Art Museum on January 15, 2016! The show will run three weeks. While the show will focus on the Sea of Cortez, it will include photographs from Southern Cali and Hawaii as well. Of course, if road tripping to Arizona for a photography exhibition doesn't strike your fancy, you're welcome to check out our work at www.cortezbluephotography.com. Looking at photographs on our website costs you nothing.
An art museum exhibit is new territory for us and even though we're a ways out from our opening date, we're scrambling to get photographs for the show put together. Preparing for a gallery show is a learning experience. One thing we've learned rather quickly is what a pain in the butt framing art work can be. Doing-it-yourself framing helps reduce overall costs for clients who wish to purchase photographs and art work. We've developed a lot of respect for the folks who work at frame shops.
While the Casa Grande Art Museum Board will be doing some local advertising, promoting our exhibit outside the Casa Grande area is our responsibility. Again, this is totally new territory for us.
If you are a Facebook user, please like the Cortez Blue Photography Facebook page. A 'like' will get you updates on our progress as we move towards our opening date and get you updates about projects we'll be working on between now and our opening. This fall, we'll  be diving some areas in the Northern Sea of Cortez that have seen little historical diving activity. Fun stuff!