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In Topic: How experienced a diver do I need to for underwater photography?

12 June 2013 - 12:44 AM

Good question...I got into diving a year ago specifically to take pictures..I got my open water cert, did one dive with a camera and put it away in the closet for a year while I got more experience diving....didn't even try to take pictures again till I'd done 70 dives...now I just got a rig and am doing ok with it but still am limited by my diving ability and not my photographic skills....aloha....Peter

In Topic: color temperature presets

27 May 2013 - 03:32 PM

thanks greatwhite....I do use RAW for stills,either shoot AWB or do custom WB as I go, in either case use Lightroom and dropper to fix in post...I was wondering about the underwater settings for shooting available light video with my Olympus E-PL5 in situations where I cant do a custom WB...I have the option of setting a specific color temp with that camera, so wanted a ballpark idea of the equivalent of a magic filter...will try 6500 or so and adjust from there....mahalo for your help....peter

In Topic: color temperature presets

27 May 2013 - 12:16 AM

thanks Mark...I bought    white palmed diving gloves and that worked well today, was able to custom WB down to 40 feet ....lens cap is a good idea as well.....aloha....peter

In Topic: color temperature presets

26 May 2013 - 11:17 AM

thanks for the quick reply...I do use manual, but was concerned about what temp to set in situations where the camera wont register a custom WB...its a new camera and I havent tried it yet, but opinions seem to vary as to how likely getting a custom WB is, and certainly wont be able to below 50 feet..I will try both AWB and the 6000 range when using the sola for video...as I said, I dont expect a lot of light from the sola but have gotten reasonable results with it using a gopro on deeper dives......will be using strobe and RAW for stills so not an issue there....thanks again for the help.....aloha,,,,peter

In Topic: Custom white-balance 7D

25 May 2013 - 07:56 PM

I just bought a set of white palmed gloves and am hoping to try that to obviate the need for slate.....