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24 May 2013 - 10:27 AM

Hi all

I got fed up waiting too long for my Sealife DC1200 to take stills although love it for video. I'm currently in departures at the airport headed to Corsica with brand new Olympus Pen E-PL5 in housing I already fitted Zen dome port too for 14-42 lens.

No strobe yet I'm a freediver worried about bulk I'm going to start au naturelle and do white balance in RAW. It's hard to find a shop to physically see, feel strobes. Also I always took video before mostly because stills were not good with cheaper cameras (DC1200 my fourth already after trashing airplane special, then Olympus tough, then my fancy headcam) so hard to drop £600 on a YS-D1 and find out I should have bought a video light! This trip will tell.

Anyway glad to discover the forum which i heard of in my new Kindle book Underwater Photography for Compact Camera Users and look forward to bothering you all with questions and sharing my experiences. Maybe even pictures!

Off to find right place now to ask about Olympus UFL-2, I think by putting Zen port I have thrown out all benefit of automated zoom feature, YS-D1 obviously best strobe in my budget, unless it is too big for my style of freediving and one handed photography.....