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Creating a black background on your videoshots

23 February 2014 - 01:04 AM

Hello guys and girls,


I'm still wondering how to create a full black background on my macro shots? Is there a technique or do you do it with editting software?


An example of what I mean;


Can anyone help me out?


Thanks in advance for your time and effort.






Wanted: Fathom wide angle 90 lens

02 July 2013 - 05:27 AM



I own a Light&Motion Bluefin with my Canon HF G25.

I'm looking for a (lightly) used Light&Motion Fathom 90 lens.

The Fathom 90 lens must have a new P/N 802-0259. If you have a Fathom 90 with P/N 802-0250 (before 2011), it's not for me.








looking for a videography course or motivated instructor in Egypt

10 June 2013 - 09:58 AM

Hi, my name is Roeland and I’m a newbie on videography (with no prior skills on photography either)


Two years ago I started filming with a Gopro hero 2 and last year with a Hero 3.  After a great holiday at Lembeh street, I realised that I want more from my footage and the GoPro is a great starting tool, but not suited for filming macro. And I love macro! The flooding of my Hero 3 after a few days,  gave an opportunity the review my wishes.


So last week , after reading a lot of reviews and opinions from others, I bought a Canon HF G25 with a Light & Motion housing . For sure with my limitations as a rookie, I can’t blame the equipment anymore. J Now is time to work on my own skills. By now I’ve read a few books about videography underwater, but still the real work has to be done of course in the water.


As my next (main) holiday will be in the Philippines  looking for great macro and trying to get some nice footage, I’m planning a trip at the end of September (or October) to Egypt to get familiar with my new equipment and to work on my (basic) skills.


Getting to point, I’m looking for a underwater videography course or motivated instructor (during my week in Egypt) to get some/improve my skills.  To be clear I’m not looking for a Padi course or interested in any way in some kind of license.  I’m just looking for a good course or instructor.


Anybody who can help me in the right direction or has great suggestions?


Ty in advance for your time and effort!