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03 October 2014 - 12:19 AM

Hey, I may not post much, but I'll vouch for Koh Tao being an excellent place to start seriously getting into underwater video. Very easy diving and nice critters with many (many, many) dive shops available to work at to gain more experience once you've completed your training. I definitely wouldn't knock resort experience either. You dive and film almost every day, build up a lot of stock for yourself (not to mention your showreel for when you do decide to move on), become an excellent diver and I believe you'll learn a lot about the behaviour of various critters.
Many companies on Koh Tao are more focused solely on Open water course filming, and others offer documentary style training. I work at Oceans Below, so I'll attempt not to be bias and just say you should check out the youtube channels of the various companies to see what impresses you most ;)
Good luck!