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In Topic: Will the E-P5 get a housing?

16 June 2013 - 12:09 PM

Well I hate to raid on your parade, but Olympus has not released housings for past E-P cameras and if they were going to it likely would have been announced by now as it has been for past E-PL cameras. I would also not hold my breath for a Nuaticam housing because they are doing very well with the NA-EM5 and will likely stay with OMD and EPL housings for the Oly camera line.


I don't disagree strongly, sure wouldn't bet money on anyone making a housing for the E-P5, but the underwater scene modes give me a glimmer of hope that Olympus might change course on their previous E-Px housing plans. The improved AF and improved viewfinder of the E-P5 I hope would create some interest in getting this camera underwater. The next OM-D will likely get those features too and perhaps we'll just have to wait until housings for that. More being hopeful than predicting an E-P5 housing.

"Not sure what ZEN port you are for $1600.00+ but I own the ZEN 170mm optical glass port for the EM5 housing and it retails for $995.00 and most will buy the Nauticam 6" port for 7-14 which is much less."

$1600+ for housing, port, accessories (zoom gear, port adapter, etc) I believe the Zen WA100 port or Nauticam ports are about $500. $1000ish for Olympus housing, $1500 for Nauticam. So $1600 is about minimum with dome port, you might get an OM-D set up for as low as $1400 if you get the Oly housing and flat port, but that's crippling yourself to save a few hundred bucks.

In Topic: Cancel E-PL1 order for E-PM1?? Pros/cons??

14 June 2013 - 01:28 PM

I got the E-PL1 body only since I have the 9-18 and the the 14-42 IIR that came with my OM-D. Not sure what kind of ring I'd need with the 14-42IIR lens. Hope I can adapt the 9-18 ring I ordered.

Starting from scratch, the E-PM1 bundle does seem the better deal, but I think I'm just going to live with the E-PL1 bundle rather than deal with returns and re-ordering.  I'll want to upgrade in a few years anyway I'm sure. The E-PL1 will still be a massive upgrade from my current, quite basic Tough-8000. 

In Topic: Will the E-P5 get a housing?

14 June 2013 - 01:22 PM

I'll just add I sure hope there is a E-P5 housing from Olympus and I'd be a lot more inclined to buy it if it's no more than $1000 with a flat port, maybe $750 portless. Otherwise might as well get a Nauticam if they make one, the Oly housing for the E-M5 seems overpriced compared to the Nauticam. I hope they change that equation next time around. 


In Topic: Will the E-P5 get a housing?

14 June 2013 - 12:48 PM

"The Nauticam NA-EM5 housing retailed for 1350.00 and has now been raised to $1450.00 this is a bargain compared to most of the other mirrorless housings."

While it may be a bargain, it's all relative. Too expensive for my budget now, especially for a camera that will be worth $500 in a matter of months. A camera I hope to replace with an E-P5 soon. And it's also expensive enough that I'd have to look long and hard at spending a bit more and getting my D800E underwater. Granted I like something more compact and something I'd be less heartbroken if I lost or flooded. The D800 is quite bulky and a major investment to take underwater.

When you can get an E-PM1/PT-EP06 combo for $500, the EM-5's PT-EP10 starts looking really expensive at close to a grand with no port. The Nauticam a bit more still and then you'll want the Zen port $1600+. 

It's all relative, and we've never had so many great options for such low prices so I shouldn't complain I suppose.  

In Topic: Cancel E-PL1 order for E-PM1?? Pros/cons??

13 June 2013 - 10:32 AM

The EVF for the epl1 in the housing was pretty much considered useless.  Hardly anyone used it that way.  

Note that the epl2 and future housings didn't support that.  The EM5 housing does, but if someone wants to use the viewfinder they usually get the Nauticam housing.

Why can you only review last shot on epm1, don't understand.  The housing has access to all the buttons, right?  Never heard of this.


I'd switch to EPM1 myself.


Another advantage to epm1 you didn't mention is 1080p video.  epl1 is 720p.


I have the epl2 and have not used either of these models, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

By default the review controls are done with the dial around the 4 way controller and there is no enclosure link to that dial. There is a review of the housing that states there is no way to move between images. But figured there probably was a solution. 

Yep, should have added the video spec as a difference.