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Will the E-P5 get a housing?

13 June 2013 - 10:44 AM

I read that the just about to be available E-P5 has underwater scene modes, I don't think the E-P1, E-P2 or EP-3 did. The larger, sharper VF-4 add on viewfinder apparently has a larger magnification and better eye relief than the VF-2, VF-3 or E-M5, so might work better underwater than the current PENs/OM-D viewfinders. And has the built in flash so the EVF could be used while still triggering strobes.

Might Olympus, or perhaps Nauticam make a housing for this new E-Px series camera when that range has been all but completely neglected in the past? (10 bar for the E-P3 being the only exception I know)

Any disadvantage of the E-P5 compared to the E-M5? Weather sealing being the only one I can think of.

Cancel E-PL1 order for E-PM1?? Pros/cons??

09 June 2013 - 02:16 PM

I'm new here, have a question I need to sort out soon.

OK, so I thought I got a fantastic deal on a E-PL1/PT-EP01 combo for $500ish. Had to spend another $50 on a zoom gear. Was very satisfied, but NOW I see that the E-PM1/PT-EP06 combo is available in several places for $500 with a zoom gear (maybe two? 14-42 and 9-18? Same gear?)! I can probably still cancel the original order or return the packages for full refund if I don't delay. So I have to decide soon!

I own a OM-D, so I don't suspect I'd be using either camera outside the UW housing, so I don't really want to consider the cameras differences except how they work in the housings.

E-PL1 advantages:
Can review all images while in housing (E-PM1 apparently can only review last image) 
More buttons/controls. (zoom buttons, mode dial, etc.)
Can use EVF in housing (E-PM1 needs flash in hot shoe)
E-PM1 advantages:
Faster, continuous shooting, focusing, etc.
Better low light focusing? 
Bigger, clearer LCD.
Newer generation image processing, probably not that big a deal for RAW.

Anyone have thoughts? Hopefully having used them both or at least researched them?