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Keldan 8x - flux or CRI?

12 November 2016 - 09:08 AM

I am planning on picking up some Keldan 8x lights this year, but I'm stuck on which model to pick up - the 12k flux or 8k CRI model.


I plan to do video in a mix of environments - largely cave and reef. And the reef will involve a significant amount of daytime use, possibly even with the cyan filters.


Being honest with myself, I likely don't NEED the 12k lumens from the 8x flux, but what I was hoping for is the ability to extend the duration of the light without needing a battery change by dialing the light down. For cave rebreather dives, run times can be rather long, and I didn't think that 45 minutes of burn time would quite cut it, otherwise the 4x with 7k lumens would likely have been enough.


Anyway, with keeping in mind that I was planning on running the lights at the second highest setting to keep light durations longer, it makes me a little hesitant to get the CRI model of the light, because of the drastically reduced lumen output. Certainly I don't NEED 12k lumens - although in bigger cave passage, there are certainly times I would like to dial it up. My concern is that the CRI version only has 8k lumens - and that is a big drop from the 12k on the flux version. Not only does that significantly decrease the available light output for big passage, but it makes me worried that I won't have enough headroom to decrease the light output for the majority of the dive to extend the burn time.


I have no doubt that the CRI version will make for some pretty video, especially on the reef. I just don't know if the lower CRI flux version will also be good enough. I am sure there are apparent differences in a side by side comparison, but I really don't know if I would see the difference without a direct comparison - I have never had the chance to work with high CRI lights before. So with all this in mind, I have a couple questions.


#1: 82 vs 96 CRI - is the CRI bump alone worth accepting a 33% decrease in lumen output from 12k to 8k?


#2: Even in a cave environment with no natural light, am I overestimating the importance of lumen output? For example - is 3-4k lumens enough, and 12k lumens would never really be useful anyway?


#3: If CRI of 82 IS good enough that the CRI version isn't really necessary, AND I am overestimating the importance of lumen output here, am I better off just getting the 4x lights at a significantly decreased cost?


Thanks for your input!


High end video lights

31 October 2016 - 09:37 AM

I have been debating picking up a set of video lights - looking to get some higher lumen lights for both cave diving and open water diving. Since I want to use them in open water, I'd love to get some higher CRI lights to save effort in post processing. I have used low CRI floods before, and I was never super happy with the results. This has led me to look at a number of high end lights, and now I'm not really sure which way to go.
What I'm considering:
Keldan 4x video flux lights: 7000 lumen, 82 CRI, 110 degree
Fix Aquavolt 10000 lumen, 91 CRI, 100 degree
Light & Motion Sola Pro 9600 lumen, ? CRI, 90 degree
All lights are relatively similar in price.
The Keldans have a really smooth beam, and I know they are some seriously intense lights, and I really love the soft falloff of the edge of the beam. I have never seen the other lights, but I know they have a good reputation, and have heard they have a nice soft edge as well.
The Aquavolt has a little more light, for a little more money, but I like it that it has a controller for adjusting it remotely. The downside here, other than the extra cost, is the increase in bulk and weight of the lights. They might be a bit big to put on a goodman handle with a GoPro, which I think I would do with the Keldans now and then.
The Sola beam should be really intense, especially since they are packing 9600 lumen into a more narrow angle, but I am worried that might make for a harsher falloff at the edge of the beam. Also, I'm a little concerned about not having the ability to replace the battery, though I do love the fast charge feature.
I also really like the time remaining displays on the Aquavolt and Sola lights, though Keldan has a battery meter, too. Keldans also have the ability to add on their cyan filter for ambient light appearance, which I think is a pretty cool concept.
Does anyone have any practical experience in comparison of these lights? My heart has me going with the Keldans, but I think it's because I don't have enough experience with the other options...