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In Topic: Haunted Patima Housing

23 June 2013 - 01:50 AM


oh i did not know that the strobe retracts automatically when you switch of the camera, on other cameras usually you have to push it in.

You may stick the film inside the housing in front where the strobe is, this may dampen the light to avoid the reflection.


Did you asked PATIMA, they are very helpful on any problems with their great housings?




Do you know what, I hadn't thought of that. I'll email them today......


Thanks for your help.

In Topic: Haunted Patima Housing

22 June 2013 - 08:51 AM

Cool, i'll try blocking any space in the port.


Interceptor121, the whole internals and externals of the housing are silver...........


ChrigelKarrer - I cant see how I can force the flash to stay popped up without leaving the camera on all the time and the battery is not that good......

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21 June 2013 - 03:42 AM

Hi I'm Olly


Based in the UK and enjoy both uk and warmer water diving.


Been taking photos for 2 yrs now, starting to get some decent results..........