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Housing & camera dilemma

22 June 2013 - 10:45 AM

Not really sure if this is the right place to post this. I am planing to go to hawaii in about a month with friends & was thinking of getting a underwater housing. I have the GF3 + 14mm lens and Sony A57 with few lenses. I was originally thinking of getting the Kodak underwater housing for the GF3, which can be had for about $100 for the 14mm lens model. But, that is pretty much the only lens I have and it's not the best if we go hiking or see wildlife(not to mention it doesn't have some niceties like the Sony or new Panasonic models have, like panorama mode). Then I thought, just bring both the GF3 and A57 for the different usages. Since the GF3 is small enough, both will fit in my camera bag no problem. Part of me wants to just take one camera, more than likely the A57 as two seems like a bit of an overkill. But, then one of my friends I am going with is you can justify both as they have their uses(but my other friends may not see it that way). My sister on the other hand thinks it is also a bit of an overkill.  
I did a quick search on amazon, and found I can get a dicapac or the like housing for my A57 also for about $100. If I went with this option I can have a camera that works for all the scenarios I may see(as I have larger native lens selection), but then it becomes a bit bulky(though I don't think too bad) especially if we go snorkeling or swimming with dolphins. I reviews for the DSLR version of the dicapac don't see that reassuring; but conversely the smaller model, which is more designed for cameras like the Panny GF line, or RX100, has more favorable ratings and reviews. The GF3 is a hard shell housing(though not too sure of quality) vs the soft shell being offered for DSLR cameras at that price. Any suggestions, tips or ideas? Thanks.