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Reflections in my port

06 July 2013 - 01:17 PM

Hi all,


I’ve got a question about a problem with my SLR/housing system. The camera/housing combo (details below) has been around for a while, so I figured I may be able to find something in the archives addressing my problem but I haven’t found an answer using the search function yet, so I’m turning to the masters here....


A few years ago, after extensive research and reading all of Phil Rudin’s articles, I finally packed away the old Nikonos cameras and made the plunge into the DSLR world, buying an Olympus E-620 along with the PT-E06 housing, the PPO-E05 port, the 14-42 kit lens, and the 50mm lens. I’m using this with an Inon d2000 strobe.


For the most part, I’ve been quite happy with it, though there is one major exception: when I try to use the 14-42mm lens for anything even slightly wide-angle (maybe from the 14-25mm range), I get reflections that show up in the pictures. Since I’m using the fiber optic cable with the strobe, I need to have the camera’s flash on inside the housing, which is where I thought the reflections were coming from. However, last time I took the camera into the water to try to get to the bottom of the problem, I could see in the view-finder that the refections were present even when not shooting, due to ambient light. The effect was amplified if the camera was pointed downward (with the back of the clear/opaque housing pointed towards the sun). I’ve tried putting flat-black tape over any white writing on the lens but it doesn’t seem to help.


I’m guessing the problem must be due to something I am doing since I haven’t seen anyone else report the same problem—hopefully it’s some simple fix but at this point, I’m worried that I’ll have to shell out another $1500 for the 9-18mm lens /PPO-E04 port combo just to take a wider-angle shot. And, yes, I would love to get the 9-18mm lens one day, but right now I can’t afford it. An even bigger worry is if I was to get the 9-18mm lens and port, that the problem might remain.


If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it!






Oh, I'm attaching 2 test pictures I took while trying to determine the source of the problem. One was taken zoomed all the way out to 14mm (28mm for non-four-thirds cameras); the second was taken at 23mm (46mm).