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#346822 Trimming the buoyancy of your rig using float or float arms

Posted by ksporry on 26 April 2014 - 08:43 PM

So, I think what we see here is a whole mix of different buoyancy control mechanisms. Buoyancy of your camera is a personal thing I believe. Different people have different preferences. At ADEX I was talking to a german guy from h2o tools. I got a few float arms of them. They guy expressed that he wants his camera perfectly neutrally buoyant, and he said that was the way to go. I told him I disagreed. I personally want my rig to be slightly negatively buoyant and in a decent trim. Having it negatively buoyant gives me a more stable feeling when handling the rig. The guy actually insisted neutrally buoyant was the way to go, and I just told him again I preferred slightly negative, and said its a personal thing (I'm actually wondering if he was trying a sales pitch, which I absolutely hate. Especially when someone already expressed their preferences, which should indicate they experimented and found what they prefer).


Anyway, my point is, because it's a personal thing, you can play with any and all mechanisms to do a mix and match for your personal optimum.