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Keldan Luna 8 Cyan Modules for sale $200 each, or 2 for $350

01 July 2017 - 01:12 PM

I have 6 of these CYAN LED modules for the Keldan luna 8 lights. I used these for a project and no longer need. They are in very good shape.


If you are not familiar with these, they emit the same spectrum of light as ambient light at about 45 feet deep. This allows one to both white balance to ambient and also lightsubjects close to the camera without lights going crazy red. Great for Reef sharks and similar.


These sell for $590  each at Backscatter, selling for $200 each, or 2 for $350, 4 for $600,  6 for $800.


These are NOT for biofluorescence. These are just the LED modules does not include the rest of the light head.