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In Topic: Fiber optic cable or TTL for old YS90 auto

29 July 2013 - 02:09 AM



thank you for your answer. I meant TTL, electrical connection that also supports TTL with your existing strobes. With Olympus I was using a converter from Heinrichs Weikamp and amount of light was determined by the camera.


Anyway, after reading a while on the web, I have taken my decision to go for fiber optic, manual strobe mode.


I have found also a way to connect fiber optic cables to my strobes even without retaining rings with this product from 10Bar: http://www.opticaloc...ector-base.html


I've just ordered the Canon G15 and Fantasea FG15 housing, fiber optic cables and connector bases.



In Topic: Member introductions

25 July 2013 - 05:19 AM

Hi, Alberto Faenza from Italy here.


I have been shooting for few years with an (old) Olympus C-7070,  PT-027 housing, 2 external YS-90 Auto connected via TTL (with Heinrichsweikamp TTL converter).


I have flooded my camera (shame on me!!) on my last holidays so I was looking for a replacement (a new camera and housing).

I like the Canon G15 but after reading the Anonymous TTL thread I'm a bit confused on my future choice for strobe connection(TTL or fiber optic?).


I cannot post the question yet as a new thread in the strobe forum, probably because I'm new.


Congratulations to this site which has a lot of interesting topics.