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Fiber optic cable or TTL for old YS90 auto

25 July 2013 - 05:38 AM

Hi everybody,


after some years of good job I have flooded my old camera (Oly C-7070) on my recent holidays (shame on me).

So I think it's time to get something new. I'm oriented to the Canon G15 but my main concern is the connection of my 2 old strobes Sea&Sea YS-90 Auto.


So far I have been using my strobes via TTL but considering the problem in finding housing for G15 with TTL connector, the comments I have read in "Anonymous TTL" thread I have some doubts.


Shall I look for a housing supporting TTL connection or move to fiber optic connection?

In both cases I have to face some issues:


If I choose to go with fiber optic, I can find a number of housing able to support this connection. However I don't have the retaining rings for my 2 strobes and it seems it's not easy to find them. Also I have no idea if I need specific fiber optic cables for my strobes as I have always used TTL.


If I choose to go for TTL then it seems the only housing supporting TTL for G15 is Ikelite. But it's quite bulk and heavy to my opinion. Also after reading carefully alex Mustard comments it seems that fiber optic should be the best option.


I would appreciate some advices and comments on this.