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In Topic: Polaroid Housing for NEX5

02 August 2013 - 05:22 PM

Sorry for bumping this old post... I have a nex-7 and refuse to pay $1600+ for a underwater housing for it so I'm looking to buy a nex-5n and either this case or the one that supports the 18-55mm lens. I had a few questions I was hoping someone here could help me with.


1) My main interest is doing underwater video and am interested in using a fish eye lens, either the attachment to the 16mm or a purpose built one available from a few vendors. I was wondering if either this case which is built for the 16mm or the 18-55 version would support this?


2) I have yet to try underwater photography on a more advanced camera, previously I've just used a simple point/click canon. I know the $1600+ cases have direct support for external strobes and was wondering if this case could be mod'ed to support this. I saw gobiodon talking about it, and have seen similar posts on other boards. From some google searches I found some lights that are designed as external flashes for point/click cameras but they don't really go into detail how they work, how the sensor picks up the flash, etc. I think the best would be to use a direct optical fiber mod, but I'm guessing that would involve drilling into the case which would/could damage the integrity. Anyway, any info would be great!