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EM-10 Housing?

14 April 2014 - 02:05 AM

I'm at the point of considering an upgrade to my current camera rig to a M4/3


Currently S95/Canon Housing with Twin Z240 stobes; WA lens/macro lens (both INON bayonet). 


Looking at the Olympus OMD EM-5 or EM-10 (if they do a housing!)


Thought I'd be proactive and ask olympus direct if they plan do produce one. I didn't really expect an answer! But apparently straight from the horses mouth its


"No we don't plan to make one at the present time". Now do I believe this or not?. Also queried Alex (Nauticam), about this, and he was of the opinion that they probably would do so. 


How long do third party manufacturers typically take to produce a housing for a camera? 3-4 months? Don't wish to plump for the EM-10 if they don't intend to make a housing for it!. 

Pool test kit

04 February 2014 - 02:12 AM

I'm thinking about setting up a mini "test kit" for use in the pool so I can practice with settings and composition. Basically using a plastic crate with fake fish/plants etc attached. Ideas on how I could go about this/set it up?

Micro 4/3 Advice

27 January 2014 - 02:48 AM

I'm currently diving with the following rig 


Canon S95 (WP-DC38 Housing)

Inon LD adapter

UCL-165 Macro Lens

UWL-H100 LD WA Lens + Domeport

Twin Z240 Strobes

Inon Float arms + 5"long inon arms


The second strobe/dome were recent upgrades so plan to do this diving season with the setup above, getting used to a twin strobe rig. I am however already considering my next camera upgrade, mainly because when I've looked back over previous shots I've taken (I dive UK waters mainly with some abroad trips as well), I find that when taking sunball shots or others in brighter shallow water I'm limited by the aperture of the camera to a minimum size F8. I know that I can just increase the shutter speed slightly to compensate, but that won't work too far if I want to fill in the foreground with flash due to the flash/camera sync speeds.


So i'm looking at other camera options for the future, and mainly eyeing the Olympus Pen series of cameras + housings. (Nauticam - drool!).Obviously the change of camera here would take away the flexibility of the compacts being able to change lenses per dive which I do like, thus I'd like advice! (I have briefly looked at the RX-100 however its macro performance is not as good, plus I do sometimes find the compact housing a bit small with 5mm gloves!).


1. I'm looking at either the EPL-3 or EPL-5 camera realistically. (I'd love the EM5 but the cost is out of my price range), do people think that the EPL-5 is a significant improvement over the EPL-3 when underwater, or its worth saving a bit of cash and just getting a secondhand EPL-3?

2. I've had olympus cameras before and haven't been too impressed with the housings, thus I'm considering saving up for a nauticam housing - opinions?

3. Obviously one of the benefits of a CSC camera is the interchangeable lens which do come at additional costs. It occured that one way to keep the costs down (and resuse as much of my current rig as possible) would be to use the kit-lens supplied (I believe its the 14-42mm) with a flat port equipped with a 67mm thread. I can then get a 67mm/LD adapter and utilise my wet lenses. What do people think?


Advice/opinions are greatly appreciated