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Nauticam vacuum error

29 March 2015 - 06:26 AM

Battery died on my vacuum sensor so replaced it, however it wont work right. With switch in off position, the led is flashing red. When its on, its solid red and sometimes gives audio warning.. no blue light or anything. Ive never had a leak or anything however...worked fine previously any ideas?

Temperate water photography lenses

21 July 2014 - 05:30 AM

For those of us who dive in cooler and more temperate climes, or simply arent disappearing to warm waters a few times a year, what lenses do you find the most used in the darker and more particulated waters? Asking as i'm considering my first lens purchase (apart from the kit lens obviously). I wont be heading abroad for a while, so want to buy a lens which I'll get the most/best use out of in the meantime, before eventually extending my lens collection. Options im looking at are

Olympus 60mm macro
Olympus 45mm
Panasonic 8mm fisheye
Olympus 9-18mm WA
Panasonic 7-14mm WA.

I like shooting both wide angle and macro, but can only afford 1 extra lens/port at the moment...


New EM-10 Shots

16 July 2014 - 09:51 AM













All are uncropped/edited (apart from the last one). These are taken with Olympus EM-10 in Nauticam Na-EM10 Housing with 14-42mm EZ lens, Twin z240 strobes. 

Exposure meter in em10 manual

10 July 2014 - 01:26 AM

Ive recently upgraded to an em10 and will be diving it for the first time this weekend. I normally shoot in manual mode, and currently you have the exposure meter displaying next to the aperture/shutter speed. Is there anyway you can stop the "flashing" as i find it irritating. Ive no problem with it being there as i find it useful but its just something which niggles and distracts. I know you can just change the displayed info but that also takes away the aperture/shutter speed info. Ive been through the manual and cant spot an answer

For Sale: Canon S95 + inon Lenses

16 June 2014 - 04:32 AM

Part of my current underwater setup is now up for sale to make room for upgrades. Currently I have for sale


WP-DC38 S95 Canon Underwater Housing

Canon S95 Camera + 2 extra batteries

Inon WP-DC38 28LD Mount Base

Inon grip base D4 Tray and additional D4 Arm

2 x Inon ball mounts for attaching strobe arms

2 x 43cm Fibre Optic Cables for Inon Strobes - Camera (not sea/sea connections)

Inon UWL-H100 28LD Wide Angle Lens + Dome Port

UCL-165 28LD Macro Lens

Double 28LD Lens Caddy for suitable Inon/Ultralight arms

Underwater Kinetics Peli type case 812 (used foam)

Associated manuals etc will also be provided. 


Pictures will be uploaded later on. 


Based in the UK, willing to post within UK only at buyers cost. (Items will be posted by courier marked fragile). Mainland Europe postage may be considered however at sellers discretion. Postage may take a few days, due to having to source packaging to ensure safe arrival of items.


According to the internet, the new price for all these items comes to ~£1900 (figures taken from Oceanleisure cameras for all inon parts + housing for approx costs). All parts are in excellent/good condition, but with some signs of wear in the obvious places (i.e. screw joints and the ball joint heads). A couple of small marks on the WA lens, but nothing which impacts their use underwater or can be seen in images. The dome port is immaculate. All parts were soaked in fresh water post dive, but there are some signs of salt buildup in a few places. Pictures will be attached shortly. 


I would prefer to sell all this as a job lot, as it would be a good upgrade for someone from a simple point/shoot with no external accessories..I'm not looking at breaking down the kit initially (but may do in the future depending on interest). Despite being a couple of generations behind from the current Canon S120, it still takes some great underwater photos. I haven't included my arms/strobes with the sale as I will be recycling these for use with the new setup. Example images obtained from this setup will be posted as well. 


Looking for a job lot cost of ~£1100. Reasonable offers will be considered.PM if interested for further information.