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Bali honeymoon - pemuteran

11 May 2016 - 11:27 PM

A few of the images I managed to take on the dives during my recent honeymoon, sorry there isn't too many, but I only managed 5 dives, and it was the first time I have used this setup in warm/light seas, so it took a while to get used to the light levels compared to the UK!




These were taken with a EM-10 and nauticam housing, twin z240 strobes and a mix of 9-18mm and 60mm lenses.

Took me a while to get my eye in so plenty of room for improvement!

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Mounting plates

13 April 2016 - 04:40 PM

I've decided to add a carry lanyard to my rig, and been looking at the shackled attachments, these caught my eye however


And I was wondering how the mounting plates attach? Do they go under the ball mounts in the flexitray/easitray handles? Or are the simply for DSLR cameras only (which have their own handles attached to the housing)

Ps and yes I know I could rig a lanyard myself as well!

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Think Tank Camera Backpacks - which?

05 February 2016 - 07:46 AM

I'm off to Indonesia/Bali in a few weeks for my honeymoon, and will be indulging in 5-6 dives while I'm there. The wife to be will even be doing a try dive! I wasn't going to bother taking my underwater camera gear until she brought it up - suggested that I'd probably regret it if I didn't and that we might not be back that way for a while- hence it would be worth taking. In the UK I pack it all away into a large Peli case which stands up nicely to hardboats/car travel etc, and have a nice AO cooler bag for use on the RHIBs. 


Neither of these will be suitable for safely (and discretly) transporting gear around the world due to weight/insufficient protection. 


I'm looking at either a Think Tank Airport Essentials Backpack, or a an Airport Commuter to carry the majority of my gear. I'm liking their stuff as I have a mirrorless mover for the camera itself on land and think its very well thought out. 


I'm traveling with


Nauticam EM-10 housing + flexitray/twin handle

2 x 5 inch arms, 2 x 3" arms

6 clamps

2 x inon z240 strobes

small box of tools/filters etc

9-18mm port + gear

9-18mm WA lens

14-42mm lens + gear

60mm macro lens

150mm lens

EM-10 Camera + charger etc


I'm considering breaking some of this down so that the


arms, tools, clamps and tray/handles all travel in my main checked baggage - they are all solid/not delicate so no risk of damage. The camera and the lenses will travel in the mirrorless mover (as a separate camera bag appears allowable in addition to your cabin baggage). This leaves


Nauticam EM-10 housing 

2 x inon z240 strobes

9-18mm port + gear

14-42mm  port + gear


According to Garuda (who I'm travelling on for some internal flights, my baggage size can't be more than 7kg, 56cm (L) x  36cm (W) x 23cm (D). Think tank states that either of the two bags fits within these limits, although there is a bit of a weight difference and having been stung before, I've no wish to pass weight limits. 


Do people think that I can get away with the essentials bag? or the commuter might be a better option? Opinions from owners will be most welcome.




Olympus 60mm First time shooting - tips?

29 July 2015 - 01:51 AM

I've recently acquired an Olympus 60mm macro lens, and I'm looking for tips about how to best setup for underwater use, as this will be the first time I'll be diving with a dedicated macro lens with this camera. The various options for setting 0.19-infinity etc, I've noted in some other threads that 0.19-0.40 is suggested by some as the best to reduce the hunting time for the lens when using a CMC/SMC - is this the same when neither of those are equipped? or is full range preferred? 


Also - I've also ordered the focus gear for this - is this not necessary unless one is manual focusing? I'm going to use it temporarily behind the 9-18mm 4" dome, but will be getting the 30mm extension ring for my 35mm port (which I have for the 14-42mm EZ - does anyone use this combination?

Focus light recommendations

15 July 2015 - 05:39 AM

I'm looking for a focus light at the moment, and rather torn by what to choose. Based on where/how I have my strobes angled to correctly light/minimize backscatter I can't use the focus lights in the strobes themselves, so I'll ideally have to mount it on the housing itself or use a triple clamp arrangement.


Currently considering

Sola 800P

Gobe Red focus light

Fix NEO 1000 WR FS

F.I.T Flare 1200 WRS


Ideally I'm looking for something which will offer both white and/or red modes. Recommendations/thoughts would be welcome from people who use these - also whether mounting the light by ball mount, hot shoe YS or ball mount via a triple clamp on a strobe arm is better.