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In Topic: Olympus 60mm macro focus issues

12 March 2017 - 10:44 PM

Hi all.  I have an olympus OM-D EM-5 MkII setup in a Nauticam housing, specifically this is with the 60mm lens in Nauticam port.  At macro distances with a focus light when needed  AF is quit acceptable.  I often want to shoot smaller fish as well up to around 200-300mm, which requires backing off and shooting from further back if I want to get the whole fish in the frame.  I generally dive around Sydney in temperate waters and the visibility is often not that great with floating snot algae at times and other particulate matter.
The issue I have is that when trying to focus at greater distances, like 0.5 to 1m away the lens/camera often seems to not even attempt to focus.   Yes I know I should be closer, but often times you have to take what you can get.   I suspect it is locking onto particulates and deciding not to move any further.  I've tried various tricks like focusing on my hand and progressively increasing the distance, but that seems hit and miss.  I thought I'd try the focus gear, (setting AF to S-AF plus MF) but the slow manual focus speed Olympus has provided for the lens coupled withe slow gearing on housing/gear combo means I need to spin the housing focus/zoom knob 30-60 times to get the system in the ballpark so the AF can take over. 
Anyone have any tips to get the camera to re focus at greater distances?  Yes I know closer is better, but there are plenty of worthwhile targets in the size range I'm talking about as well as smaller macro stuff.  Thanks in advance for any tips......

I have a similar problem in the turbid waters around Vancouver. Plenty of mixing with river water, silts, glacial milking and plankton blooms... My EM5 mk i with 60mm is constantly searching and never achieving focus lock. Or as you say simply being stumped.

I find myself avoiding shots over 18" / 45cm away. IF the lens tracks focus and I get the shot it's generally a milky, washed out image due to particulate etc.

As a work-around to these focus issues I've tried using Single Auto Focus / Manual Focus setting. If you can't lock on your subject try locking on an easy nearby subject at a similar distance. Then switch to Manual and either dial, or rock the camera to achieve focus on your original target.

BTW one of my Function presets is set to toggle to AF/MF



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12 March 2017 - 06:44 PM

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In Topic: OMD-EM5 won't always turn on

13 November 2016 - 09:52 AM

I had the same problem with my EM5 the last day of a 6 day live aboard trip in Channel Islands.

Try cleaning the battery contacts on both the battery and inside camera.

Regardless of how 'dry' I though my hands were during battery swaps some moisture caused minor corrosion / film to build up and interfere with the connection.

One of my buddies used diluted vinegar on q-tips and scrubbed the contacts clean, dried them and it has worked fine for past year.

Good luck

Adam Taylor