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In Topic: Panasonic GH5 first dive

18 June 2017 - 03:57 PM

I did a test dive in the south San Juan Islands yesterday and here are some uncorrected video clips. I shot in manual at 1080/60p and custom white balanced against 2 solo 3000 lights.  Use the Olympus PRO fisheye lens and the conditions were good enough viz wise to work with wide angle--which I'll confess isn't my strong point. Setting details are in the video. I was mainly trying to work with wide angle closeups. I ended up with a fair amount of footage out of focus. In manual mode I'd half press the shutter button to lock focus and then start recording. For the next fisheye tests, I'm going to just leave the aperture wide open and see how focus to infinity works.
Comments and critiques are welcome. My macro port arrives tomorrow and I'll do some tests with it this week as I have better competency with macro.

Nice, how do you like the Olympus fisheye? Is it challenging to light such a wide field of view without burning the edges?

I've been wanting something wider than my Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 PRO and still on fence between the Oly fisheye and Oly 7-14mm so would live to hear pros and cons.

Tried macro with my GH5 today for first time using spare 10" & 12" arms on the tripod ball joints. The 60mm macro is a bit challenging and the CMC-2 would be best left until I dial in macro on its own.

Conditions were challenging to say the least. River silt, plankton and a couple curious seals kicking up the silty bottom....

Would prefer to experiment on settings using the 12-50mm as it isn't quite as tight as the 60mm. Still waiting for the replacement gear set from Nauticam which works with GH5.



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In Topic: Panasonic GH5 first dive

09 June 2017 - 05:46 PM

My housing arrived today so I'll take it for a dive tomorrow. Although, I only have the fish eye port. Macro port comes in next week. And, the viz reports are about 3-5 feet. So, it will be a chunky mess, but good for developing muscle memory where the controls are located.

Good luck and have fun with it

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In Topic: Panasonic GH5 first dive

08 June 2017 - 08:48 PM

White balance looks great.

I'm axious to get my GH5 into cold water this weekend (conditions permitting).

The settings choices the GH5 are almost overwhelming relative to my Canon SLR so it's interesting to see what has worked for you, particularly given I dive in similar conditions (Monterey). I would not normally consider auto ISO as an option for example.

Also, I had not encountered the shutter angle option (thanks stphnmartin).



Hi Brad,


I tried Auto ISO because like you I find the choices overwhelming.


Basically I wanted to keep things simple, set a shutter speed, try Manual White Balance, start at f8 and go from there. I thought the added adjustments to ISO would be too much on my first dive, and besides I was curious to see what the camera would chose in different conditions. The more open green water shots were 6400 and the mid range shots 2500 with close ups and jelly shots 640 to 1600. It's not great footage & I have not pixel peeped, but with all the particulate I did not notice much graininess to the footage. May be different at 4K and clear water / lots of colour.


Perhaps once it is edited to get rid of washed out whites etc it could look worse, but compared to how my EM5 performed at high ISO I am happy.


Will try to get out to some of my deeper. darker sites in the next few weeks and push the settings a bit to see how it performs.


Considering you can access ISO by pressing a lever then spinning a dial I will be trying full manual settings soon, but one thing at a time...


As for cold water, even with thin dry gloves with liners all the controls were easy to use.


Will update over the next few weeks as I continue experimenting. The more we share the more we learn...






In Topic: Panasonic GH5 first dive

08 June 2017 - 08:29 PM

Adam, did you add anything to adjust the buoyancy of the camera? Any floats needed?

The 180mm dome is relatively buoyant, but the rig is much heavier than my Olympus EM5 which was slightly negative with 4 large stix floats. Mind you I experimented with this on the surface and there was a heavy lens of mixed river water. Will try at depth next time to see if it is better balanced in straight salt water


I shot mostly stills with my EM5 so had a pair of YSD1 on a 10"+8" arm per side. Last year I got a pair of Archon video lights and added a triple clamp at the end of 10" which then split to two 8" arms (one with strobe, one with video light). Each 8" arm has 2 large stix floats.


For my first dive with GH5 I kept the same set up, but skipped the strobes as I don't have a flash for the GH5 yet (and one strobe needs repair). It was negative, but didn't drop like a stone. I could let it go for a few seconds, and it would start to slowly sink.


Macro setup will be much more negative, but likely workable. Will try and then consider adding more Stix or similar.







In Topic: Panasonic GH5 first dive

08 June 2017 - 07:57 AM

Thanks Stephen,

Had read somewhere 1/60 was OK for 60fps but wondered as most simply double the frame rate. Recall seeing an article on shutter angle and so will do more research.

Bottom line is the Nauticam housing was easy to use, even with dry gloves. Buttons and levers are all within easy reach and once I get used to them I am sure I can operate without having to look at them.

Will continue to experiment with video until I get the panasonic flash listed by Nauticam (not sold in Canada) then shoot some stills which I am more familiar with.

Love being able to white balance, my old EM5 on Auto WB created some pretty funky colour casts, especially with gloomy / murky water and video lights.

Going to be a fun, if steep learning curve. But I have a good group dive buddies and many interesting sites & critters to practice with.



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