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In Topic: Underwater Monitor for Panasonic GH5

18 October 2017 - 11:20 AM

I looked at the smallhd/Nauticam housing setup at a dealer and found it pretty clumsy, which helped straighten my mind :)

Good to know...

No local dealers where I can try hands-on so this type of input is appreciated.

My dry gloves are not super thick, but later in winter / early spring when there is a lot of snowmelt will be doubling up my wool gloves underneath [emoji6]

Thanks again

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In Topic: Underwater Monitor for Panasonic GH5

18 October 2017 - 08:57 AM

Hi Adam,
as you already researched, options are limited. In the end I decided for a DiveandSee 5.5inch Monitor, called DNC-5A.  Its the replacement for the 5inch which is not being manufactured anymore.
It's a fullHD Monitor (ie same resolution as the 7inch) but a little bit more compact. Still weights 1.3kg compared to just 1kg for the previous 5inch version. I like the screen quality of the DNC and certainly compared to the SmallHD Focus which I use overland it compares quite well. (To be fair the Focus is only 1280 and not FullHD). I like that its ready to dive. No housing to maintain, no O-rings to worry - and it saves weight. Charging is easly done thru the plug on the backside. And as Nick says battery lasts easily for a day. 
The one thing I underestimated is the the drag this creates in truly heavy current. In Fiji I took it off after a couple of dives because it was getting too tough. Later put it back on when conditions eased up. 
The buttons on top of the monitor are quite narrow and and the click-and-turn button for menu navigation is miniscule. So, not sure how well this would work with big dry gloves. But then again I don't really fiddle much with those buttons underwater anyway. I've Peaking always turned on and if really required press F2 to get the Scopes I've put on there.
Anyway, couple of pics attached with WA-setup using the Nauticam 180 Dome, sans lights.

Many thanks bubffm for the comments and especially the pics.

As the specs appear similar my choice may be down to the simple question of do I want / need a monitor for anove water use?

If you didn't already have the othe SmallHD topside monitor would you have gone for the newer SmallHD + housing?

This discussion is really helping me narrow down my decision.



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In Topic: Underwater Monitor for Panasonic GH5

17 October 2017 - 06:37 PM

I use the Dive and See DNC-7A with my GH4.
It's been very reliable for me, and a battery charge easily lasts all day.
The colour rendition was never great, but it's time I checked all the settings; I'm scared of all those buttons along the bottom so I haven't touched any of them for over 2 years :D
I don't use the shade anymore because it tends to obscure the red record symbol at the top of the screen. I don't miss it.
I have it mounted with a ball clamp like in this photo.

Thanks Nick,

Seeing the size in relation to a similar housing is great. I am considering the smaller 5" version, so seeing that the 7" model is not enourmous is a relief.

The images and video I have seen of the Atomos Shogun looked rather unwieldy.

Hopefully someone has tried both Small HD and Dive amd See products and can comment.

My eyes are still good, but its tough to see focus peaking on the tiny GH5 screen, especially from am angle.



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In Topic: Took the GH5 to Komodo

16 October 2017 - 06:27 PM

Thanks Adam. I'm still learning. Way more complicated than the Sony and awkward underwater! But the image quality is really good as you know! I'm looking forward to being more capable with the modern tech. I've been doing a lot of practice dives in the puget sound and will eventually post something now that Komodo is out the door ;^) 
I've decided AWB works just fine with my solas and now only custom white balance for ambient light. Previously I was using auto ISO but ended up with too much grain. So I keep that at 800-1200. The fewer things to twiddle underwater the better!

How are you liking the GH5?

Love my GH5

Agree about the grain on Auto ISO. Our dark waters can push ISO too high.

Still learning to edit but enjoying the process and the camera.

Eill need to try Auto WB a bit as I usually use Manual. I Have found that when I manual WB while shooting wide angle with lights things can be a bit off.

Probably asking too much of the camera but if for example I WB on a white plumose anemone 10 feet away (still getting a little bit of articificial light) and then later pan past another, closer white plumose in the foreground it can be purpleish...

That being said decent screenshots can be pulled, and overall performance is night and day compared to my old Olympus EM5



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In Topic: Took the GH5 to Komodo

16 October 2017 - 07:12 AM

Back in July I took a trip to Komodo with a virtually brand new GH5 Nauticam setup. I shot either the 7-14 Olympus pro fisheye for wide angle and the Olympus 12-50 for everything else. I recorded 4k60p 8bit and output at 1080p. I like the flexibility of being able to punch into the 4k footage. Although my 10 year old Mac Pro was feeling the pain of the large files. I relied heavily on proxy media when cutting.
I just recently switched to this camera from a Sony CX550 camcorder. So, the techniques and all the buttons were really new to me. I used 2 sola 3000s for lighting and a sola 500 for spot.
On each dive I'd manually white balance for ambient and the solas with a grey card. This worked pretty well and I like I could store the values. Although, I'd sometimes forget which white balance setting I had selected--ambient or solas.
Generally I'm pleased with the results, but learned a lot through making mistakes!
I edited in FCPX. Comments and critiques are very welcome. Oh, and I used a Phantom 4 for the drone footage.

Very nice

I see you have made a gkod transition to the new camera

How are you enjoying it in local waters?



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